Critical Role: Exandria Unlimited – What you need to know before disaster strikes

last summer, decisive role Boost her game by entering Exandria Unlimited, a small campaign set in the world of Exandria by Matthew Mercer that featured a host of new characters and players, as well as a new Dungeon Master. Back then, fans had no idea European Union He was preparing viewers for the release of the third campaign, which brought back three of the characters introduced during the mini-game to the table.

Since the original mini-game, players have recently returned to European Union For a special two-part set in Kymal, which left fans hopeful the show would expand further. Now, on Thursday, May 26, the universe is expanding once again to explore the famous cataclysmic event known as catastrophe. Exandria Unlimited: Disasterwill bring new players to the table, as well as a new DM to guide them on their journey through Exandria’s past – but who are these new players, and what exactly is The Calamity?

Who’s on the table for Exandria Unlimited: Catastrophe?

decisive role He has a reputation for bringing fun players to the table, such as Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, Joe Manganiello, Khary Payton, Deborah Ann Wall, and Chris Perkins’ Wizards of the Coast, to name a few. great thing about him European Union is that the new faces introduced become more than just guests. While guest players have always brought creative characters with full backstories to the table, and some have made several appearances, the main story remains focused on the core team of players. Exandria Unlimited It is an opportunity to introduce new guests to the show and give them their own story.

It also gives another DM the opportunity to explore and shape the vast world of Mercer. calamity CollegeHumor and . seats Dimension 20Brennan Lee Mulligan in the DM chair, while previously Exandria Unlimited DM Aabria Iyengar will be a player this time around. decisive role Key cast members Marisha Ray, Travis Willingham, and Sam Riggle joined the game, along with professional TTRPG player Lou Wilson and actor Luis Carrazo.

What is the misfortune in the critical role?

The catastrophe occurred during the Arcanum era, when humans began to experience the limitations of magic and the deities that created it. As a result, humans inadvertently allowed traitorous deities to escape from prison, resulting in a catastrophic event known as the Catastrophe. The chief gods fought the traitorous gods, causing disastrous results throughout Alexandria, resulting in the world executing nearly a third of its population. Civilizations were completely wiped out, along with the knowledge, wisdom and history they once recorded, with the exception of Vasselheim. For this reason, there are very few historical records from that time.

The catastrophe ended when the chief gods banished the traitorous gods and left Exandria permanently. They created the Divine Gate, which severed the deities and their influence on Alexandria entirely in an event known as the Divergence, which marks the end of the Arcane Age. European Union: a catastrophe Follows six adventurers as they discover a sinister plot that threatens the city they have sworn to protect. Together, they must do everything in their power to try to stop the inevitable before it is too late.

Where and when can you watch Exandria Unlimited: Catastrophe

Exandria Unlimited: Disaster It will consist of four episodes, with the first of which will air on Thursday, May 26, at 7 PM PST on decisive role Twitch and YouTube channels. The remaining three episodes will air on the first three Thursdays of June in the same time slot, while the main cast is taking a short break from the third campaign.

The video-on-demand will be available immediately after it’s broadcast to Twitch subscribers, as the episode makes its way to decisive role YouTube channel Monday afternoon after the initial broadcast. The last episode of calamity Air on June 23, with decisive role The third campaign returns on June 30th.

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