Cruel to be close #1

Since 2004, the unsung hero of Jeff Darrow Shaolin Cowboy The series has battled sentient crabs, zombies, giant pigs, and hordes of bloodthirsty zombies. But the world is still full of wild characters looking forward to the cowboy showdown. Now, Darrow and colorist Dave Stewart come together to present the next installment of their hero’s wild adventures, Shaolin Cowboy: Hard to be near #1, published by Dark Horse Comics. The first issue is a fun-packed ride filled with excellent action and exciting surprises.

Shaolin Cowboy: Ruthless To Be #1 It begins in a rundown city in Texas shortly after the conclusion Shaolin Cowboy: Who Will Stop Judgment, With a pair of Komodo dragons watching the unknown monk roaming the city. The Elder of the Dragons immediately recognizes the Shaolin Cowboy and begins to tell the story of his adventures along with the wandering warrior. When the dragon was born, his father tried to eat him. But the cowboy saved him, and the unexpected pair went to the desert on an action-packed adventure.

Unlike previous installments of Shaolin Cowboy This case has a narrator. By centering the story around the memories of the Komodo Dragon, Darrow is able to acknowledge the chronology of his ongoing series while telling a standalone story. This approach also allows Darrow to add to the history of the cowboy without diminishing the layers of mystery surrounding the character. New storytelling device helps Shaolin Cowboy: Hard to be near #1 Reaches new absurd heights as the titular hero goes off toe with a giant lizard, dinosaur and little man riding a giant flying squid.

Shaolin Cowboy’s elite opponents give Art Darrow a chance to shine. Each of his character designs is instantly recognizable while being completely out of this world. His attention to detail makes it easy to get lost in every palette. The longer the reader stays in each scene, the more visual jokes and beautifully drawn carnage they will see. The intensity of Darrow’s art makes the world Shaolin Cowboy: Hard to be near #1 feels really endless, but still manages to guide the audience’s eye across the page to create a fast-paced reading experience.

Daro’s fighting choreography is as innovative and amazing as his character design. Every battle is brutal and fun at the same time. While fighting with a Komodo dragon, he lovingly picks up Cowboy’s fighting style so skillfully that it’s easy to forget how absurd the situation was, until Daro casts this absurdity into the spotlight.

Colorist Dave Stewart does masterful work that highlights every intricate detail in Darrow’s art. Bright, flat colors draw attention to Darrow’s exquisite calligraphic work while illustrating the key elements of each composition. Stewart colors desert landscapes in a variety of shades of brown and orange, helping to bring out the green of the Komodo dragon and the blue of the cowboy jeans in even the most chaotic scenes.

Shaolin Cowboy: Hard to be near Number 1 is the fast-paced, exciting first issue that hits all the notes old readers have come to expect while feeling fresh. This number is a wonderful reminder of the fact that Darrow is one of the best humorists and artists working in contemporary comics. The action is innovative and surprising, and the plot has all the makings of a classic action story. Fans new and old alike are sure to drown out every page.

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