Current location of all the main characters in Onigashima (Chapter 1046)


  • On the Live Floor, everyone is desperately trying to escape the fire while Chopper meets Nami.
  • Several crippled gifts were held in the inner basement of a castle, and on the first floor, Bebo lost from the heat, causing his crew to become carried away.
  • Brook, Robin, and many other samurai are trapped in the basement, and Sanji, who is trying to help a geisha, cannot get them out of the pleasure hall.
  • In the Right Brain Tower, Zoro’s unconscious Frankie holds out to find Chopper while the other gift-goers follow him.
  • On the fourth floor, Raizo and Jinbe work together to put out the fires in Kaidou Castle by using the water stored in Raizo’s scrolls.

Here’s a good reminder of where everyone is:

*by Curbex 12

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