Dark Horse The Shadow Over Innsmouth Manga licenses Gou Tanabe to HP Lovecraft – News


The company will publish the entire manga in one comprehensive volume

Dark Horse He announced during his meeting in Anime Central On Saturday it has been licensed Joe Tanabemanga from adaptation HP Lovecraft‘s Shadow over Insmouth (Insmouth No Kage) story. The company will publish the manga in one comprehensive volume with a different cover design than the Japanese versions.

Zack Davison Will translate the manga and Steve Dutrogue The return character will be from Dark HorseTanabe’s previous two manga were inspired by Lovecraft books.

Tanabe launched the manga in monthly comic ray in May 2020, and ended in March 2021. Kadokawa The manga was published in Japan in two volumes in May 2021.

The horror novel centers on a student taking an archaeological tour of New England. He goes to Insmouth Harbor and there he interacts with strange people and witnesses to disturbing events.

The manga is part of a series of excerpts from the manga HP LovecraftTanabe works. Dark Horse Comics Published his manga from HP Lovecraft’s The Hound and Other Stories in August 2017, which includes “The Hound”, “The Temple” and “The Nameless City”. The manga was nominated for an Eisner Award in 2018.

Dark Horse Comics Tanabe’s release has begun In the mountains of madness The manga was released in June 2019. The series was nominated for Best Comedy Film at the 46th Angoul√™me International Caricature Festival in the same year. The manga was also nominated for an Eisner Award for Best Edit from Another Medium and a Harvey Award for Best Manga.

Tanabe is also a manga inspired by Lovecraft color out of spaceAnd dark hunterAnd From outsideAnd The shadows are goneAnd call.

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