Dating history of Jennifer Aniston: what do we know?


Want to know everything about Friends star Dating history Jennifer Aniston? Famous Actress Jennifer Aniston has been ruling the industry for a long time now! From being the iconic Rachel on the hit sitcom Friends to starring in multiple box office hits, Aniston has been an all-time favorite celebrity. The actress has often been very candid about her personal life as well.

The actress recently appeared on the final episode of the popular talk show The Ellen DeGeneres show and opened up about what the treatment looked like and started it all over again after her divorce from Brad Pitt. Aniston admitted that in the end, it all turned out great. The personal life of the actress has often attracted enough media lights. Who was she married earlier? We’re about to find out! Let’s have a look at all the lesser known details and facts about Dating history Jennifer Aniston.

Let’s take a look at Jennifer Aniston’s dating history

Tate Donovan: The actor dated Jennifer Aniston to do three long years. However, the pair had already parted ways before appearing as Rachel Green’s love interest friends. Donovan later admitted in an interview that the only The problem was that he and Jennifer were breaking up at the time. The actor also admitted that building a reel life and falling in love was definitely a bit difficult for them both.

Dating history Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston with Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt: Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt became one of the IT couples in the late ’90s, and they caught their eye as they appeared on all the red carpets and at every event and quickly became the talk of the town. Quickly ask the question In November 1999, they married in July 2000.

However, the marital bliss came to an abrupt end as Brad and Jen announced their separation with a joint statement in January 2005. The pair are on such amicable terms that the Friends star even considers Brad Pitt as one of her buddies! She added how they are friends and talk without any weirdness at all. Check out our fun interview with Ellen DeGeneres and Jennifer Aniston.

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Vince Vaughn: The Friends star earlier admitted how fulfilling the relationship with Vince was, and even called him a defibrillator! Aniston added that the actor brought her back to life and that the first gasp was a big laugh! Aniston has stated that the relationship was beautiful, fun, and perfect for the time they spent together, but that it kind of went her way.

Dating history Jennifer Aniston

John Mayer: The singing sensation met the stunning actress at the Academy Awards in early 2008, and was in an on-and-off relationship over the next two years. In December 2008, Aniston opened up about the relationship saying how they care about each other, but it’s funny that “you hit a spot in a relationship and both of you realize, maybe we need to do something else, but you still really love each other.” While the couple briefly reunited, and we were spotted attending the 2009 Academy Awards together, they soon parted ways the following March. Mayer later admitted he never got over it and described it as one of the worst times of his life.

Dating history Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston with Justin Theroux

Justin Theroux: Jennifer Aniston and Justin met while working on the movie love to travel together. The co-stars had their arms photographed almost instantly. In 2012, the 43-year-old Justin popped the question and asked Jennifer to marry him on her 41st birthday while the couple was in New York. The couple soon tied the knot in a private ceremony in August 2015. The marital bliss lasted for three years as the couple announced their separation in February 2018. Justin later admitted that Aniston He makes him laugh so hard. He described her as a fun person. The actor further stated that it would be a loss if they were not in contact with him, as he would like to think the same for her.

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