Dating History of Lana Del Rey: The American Singer’s Love Life Revealed


Dating history of Lana Del Rey
Who is Clayton Johnson’s fiance for Lana Del Rey?

Here we are going to discuss the dating history of Lana Del Rey. What do we know about the American singer’s current relationship status and all her past relationships? Is she married or has children? Elizabeth Woolridge Grant, better known as Lana Del Rey, is best known for her studio album Ultraviolence. She also won several awards for her best performance in Ultraviolence. She has received the BRIT Award for International Solo Artist, ECHO Award for Best International Pop Artist, and many more. Furthermore, in 2012, she also listed No. She ranked #1 in 11 different countries for the 5th best selling album of 2012. Since then, she has started recording her voice for many big movies as well. One of them is Maleficent. Most recently, Lana performed an epic song, Watercolor Eyes, in one of the most-watched series Euphoria.

Since the release of her last song, she has received much more attention from the media. Her fan base is growing rapidly. And we all know that if artists like Lana get that much attention, it becomes clear that everyone delves into her personal life. Fans are more than curious to know what’s going on in Lana’s personal life. Especially in her love life. Well, let me tell you, Lana Del Rey has dated a lot of notable artists from the industry. So, if you are here to learn about the dating history and current relationship status of Lana Del Rey, then you are at the right place. Here we will reveal all about her love life. So keep reading the article, and you’ll know about every guy I’ve dated before.

Award-winning singer Lana Del Rey’s dating history revealed

Now it’s time to reveal every man Lana Del Rey has dated before. Here is a full list of all her ex-boyfriends below. Have a look and learn about Lana Del Rey’s dating history.


Lana’s first official relationship, which quickly spread, was with Moby. Richard Melville Hall, better known as Moby, is a musician, songwriter, producer, singer, and animal rights activist. Moby and Lana started dating in 2006. After dating for a few months, they called off their relationship. In the same year, 2006, they announced that they were no longer together.

Dating history of Lana Del Rey
Lana Del Rey and her ex-boyfriend Moby.

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Josh Kemp

After breaking up with Moby, Lana started dating Josh Kemp in 2009. As far as we know, they only dated for a year. But we don’t know exactly why they broke up so early. Perhaps Lana wanted to focus on her career; That’s why they are most likely parted. But Lana has never talked about her relationship with Josh anywhere.

Besides, she has also been spotted with Jimmy Genico, an American Musician. But according to sources, there is a 50-50 chance that she will be dating Jamie. Since there is no evidence that they were dating, she was also seen spending time with Stephen Mertens as well. Stephen Mertens is an American animator, best known for The Moldy Peaches. But we have no such confirmed information about her relationship with Stephen. Because we’re still not sure what year you started dating him.

Barry James O’Neill

Lana’s other relationship that went viral was with Barrie-James O’Neill. Barry James O’Neill Scottish musician. And Lana and Barry James most likely started dating in 2011. In the early years of dating, their chemistry was so good that everyone started liking them as a couple and started wishing their relationship would last forever. But unfortunately, after nearly three years of dating, Lana and Barry broke up. In 2014 we finally announced that they were no longer dating.

And after breaking up with Barry, she has collaborated with many celebrities including Justin Murdock, Marilyn Manson, Shannon Leto, Axl Rose, Andre Gilot and also James Franco.

Clayton Johnson

According to records, Lana started dating Clayton Johnson Through a dating app. They started dating in 2019 during lockdown period. And after dating for a year, in 2020, they finally got engaged. But sources now say that after a few months of their engagement, they broke up. Lana also deleted some pictures of her with Clayton as well. This indicates that they are no longer together. But we’re not sure if they actually called off their engagement.

Dating history of Lana Del Rey
Did Lana Del Rey cancel her engagement to Clayton Johnson?

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