DC’s Jurassic League is tougher than the Justice League


Not all comics are created equal. Although it may seem at times that Marvel and DC are pumping out the same kind of thing week after week to suit their giant burgeoning universes, there is still room for unique and different comics. DC has just proven this by introducing jurassic leaguewhich offers dinosaur versions of the publisher’s most popular superhero team, the Justice League.

jurassic league #1 (by Juan Gedeon, Daniel Warren Johnson, Mike Spicer, Ferran Delgado) The new series kicks off some of the most exciting comic book action. From the start, the confrontation between Batman and Joker of this world – named Bat Walker and Jokerzard – has been more brutal than any previous confrontation of the two enemies.

The comic hits the ground running with an astonishing amount of brutality. First, there’s the giant corpse Jokersard tree. While that totally sounds like the Clown Prince of Crime character, it never really goes that far in the mainstream DC Universe. Interestingly, this screen is not played for the inherent horror of it all, as the focus is only on the battle taking place between the two enemies.

During the Battle of Bat Walker and Jokerzard, the Joker’s signature citrus spit flower was replaced by a literal acid spit. It fits these dinosaur characters perfectly, and is tighter than anything that appears in the headlines. The extreme violence continues as the Jokerzard bites his dinosaur opponent and even pricks him with his claws after taking Batarang in the eye. A number of things that happen between these two characters mimic many of the classic stories, but when pushed into just a few pages, it makes for an intense and magical experience. Most of all, it was never terrifying, but rather pure fun and excitement.

Fortunately, it’s not just dinosaurs that copy Batman and the Joker. In the first confrontation between this world’s Aquaman and the Black Manta, the Sea Defender Dino threw away his sand spear to fight his opponent with his bare hands. Arthur Curry wouldn’t do that in his comic book without being seriously provoked; However, his dinosaur counterpart does not shy away from giving in to the rage and taking the fight up close and personal, resulting in an epic battle between beasts that is great to see.

Even the small, occasional details of this world seem more intense than their mainstream counterparts. The quiet home of the Amazon – which in this world is called Trimiscyra – is the least dense of all the places seen in this case. There is no action and no villains to fight, just a rare find her role in this jurassic world of heroes. However, the Amazon Armory at Trimiscyra features Ares’ armor – still on its chained skeleton. It’s an evocative picture even in such a quiet moment and maintains the book’s intense tone.

For die-hard brutal action fans, this alternate universe book is perfect and skips nearly all of DC’s regular shows. Given how the publisher has recently embraced the idea of ​​an infinite global universe, jurassic league It could be the first of many wildly different interpretations of these distinct personalities going forward. It’s the perfect starting point, and the direct action in this book is the perfect way to get readers out of the comfort zone of the regular DCU.

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