Digimon adventure 2021 episodes

Digimon adventure 2020 episodes. 4 new episodes that you can watch now, I got video and text reviews plus a link to watch the episode you like. Enjoy it.

Digimon adventure 2020 episodes

Digimon adventure 2020 episode 1


Tokyo Digital Crisis

While preparing for the next school camp, his new neighbor Kushiro Izumi visits Taishi Yagami, so when they learn that electronic systems in Tokyo have failed, including city trains with Taishi’s younger sister Hikari and their mother trapped in one. The two young men run to the nearby station where Taichi is suddenly transferred to another world located inside the Internet, and they face Digimon with an infected called Koromon.

Upon contacting Koromon, he acquired Taichi Digivice while Koromon evolved into Agumon. Koshiro, who also got his Digivice, called Taichi and informs him that a crowd of Digimon named Argomon is responsible for the mayhem with Taichi and Agumon fighting them to save the first family.

 Although the remaining Argomon actually evolves into a more powerful shape before overcoming them, the Taichi and Agumon design leads the latter to evolve into Greymon. Greymon defeats the final Argomon and trains stop before the collision, for Taichi learns from Koshiro that Argomon has taken control of the US Army’s network systems, threatening the whole world. They also noticed Yamato Ishida riding Garurumon over a nearby tower

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digimon adventure 2020 episode 2

War Game

Yamato joins Taichi and Koshiro in their mission to stop Argomon’s penetration of the U.S. Army. On their way there, they learned that Argomon had kidnapped an American nuclear submarine about to launch a nuclear missile. Greymon and Garurumon work together to defeat the leader of Argomon who is evolving into his final form.

Yamato then comes up with an idea to defeat Argomon, a pilot that would endanger Greymon and Garurumon, but Taichi persuades him to go ahead as their Digimon’s launch of point-blank on the leader of Argomon. But the leader of Argomon survives and develops to its grand shape with the launch of the missile.

 Kushiro tells them that the missile targets Tokyo, and when Taishi and Yamato refuse to surrender, their Digimon partners suddenly meet at Omnion. when Hikari and Yamato’s younger brother Takeru Takayashi come into contact with some feathers falling from the sky.

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digimon adventure 2020 episode 3

And to the Digital World

Taichi and Yamato desperately fight against Argomon to stop the threat of a nuclear missile launch against Tokyo, only for their Digimon partners to be overpowered by the leader of Argomon in its massive form. Things seemed hopeless until Greymon and Garurumon suddenly merged into Omnimon, which defeated Argomon and redirected the missile away from Tokyo. Taichi and Yamato return to their world soon after, with Koshiro’s former friend.

Taishi and Kushiro later arrive at the summer camp, where they meet former childhood friend Sora Takinoshi, discussing the apparent coexistence between the technology of their world and the digital world. 

Meanwhile, Tokyo continues to experience blackouts and Kushiro estimates that urban jobs in Tokyo will stop if blackouts continue for the next 72 hours. Taichi, on his way to meet with Koshiro to further discuss the situation, suddenly finds himself moving into the digital world and reuniting with Agumon.

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digimon adventure 2020 episode 4


Birdramon Soars

Taichi arrives at the Digital World, so he found himself with Sora instead of Koshiro.

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I hope you enjoyed Digimon adventure 2020 episodes 🙂 so can you tell me which one you like?

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