Disrespect Dr Disrespect is not happy with the new Call of Duty: Warzone event


The recent Call of Duty: Warzone event sees Godzilla and King Kong invade the caldera, and YouTube player Dr Disrespect isn’t impressed.

Latest event in Call of Duty: War Zone Caldera Island in the Pacific Ocean saw its capture by two of cinema’s greatest monsters – Godzilla and King Kong. Players were trying to survive monsters and other players, as part of the Operation Monarch event, where kaiju players could take a direct role in who wins and who loses if players get too close to either. However, not everyone appears to be a fan of the event, as popular YouTuber Dr Disrespect showed in a recent social media post criticizing the crossover.

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Call of Duty: War Zone It was launched in 2019 shortly after the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Reboot from Infinity Ward as a new free battle royale option. The original saw matches for up to 150 players, running solo or in teams, descend on the city of Verdansk and try to survive to be the last player standing, although the disqualified players had a chance to return to the match by winning 1v1 in gulag. war zone It evolved with later versions of Black Ops: Cold War And forefrontMost notably, the addition of Rebirth Island and Caldera as alternative map options.

As mentioned above, the end of April saw the start of the limited-time event and Godzilla vs. Kong Crossover Operation Monarch. The event saw some changes to the caldera to go along with the event, Godzilla vs. KongThemed cosmetic packs, and two pottery monsters wreak havoc in the caldera during active matches. Dr. Disrespect explained on Twitter that he wasn’t a fan of the event, even though it was “2.2/10” and noted that the event was specifically for young children.

This kind of criticism is nothing new for Dr. Disrespect, who has never been shy about sharing his feelings for him. Call of duty During his career as a content creator. Many viewers would argue that his outspoken nature played a large role in his growth to such a large following, although it can also be argued that this may have played a role in his permanent ban from Twitch, something that has yet to be publicly revealed.

Dr. Disrespect doesn’t seem to be the only one to criticize the event, though, as are the others war zone Players echoed his criticism in responses to his original tweet. A common criticism of Operation Monarch is that while the visuals of Kong and Godzilla on the island are impressive, they add little to the match other than making it more difficult for players, and the monsters don’t interact directly.

Call of Duty: War Zone Currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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