DMM Pictures Shinobi No Itoki Unveils Ninja Story, Cast, Cast, October Debut in Teaser – News


troika And DMME photos They debuted a teaser promotional video and the first major visual element for their original animated series. Shinobi no Ittoki (Itoki Ninja) on Sunday. The teaser announces the introduction to the story, the main cast, the main staff, and the October premiere of the anime.

The Battle of the Ninja anime depicts both the cruel fate of Ittoki Sakuraba – a seemingly ordinary boy who one day learns to be the 19th rightful heir of the Iga Ninja – and the long war between Iga and Kōga ninja.

The main cast members are:

What is Watanabe? (lownessAnd Reply: the creatorsAnd IDOLiSH7) is directed by the anime, and Minato Takano (live verb or direct event KakiguruiAnd Get your hands off Izuken!guilty of science) is responsible for the scripts for the series. Isamu Suzuki (IDOLiSH7And bloom in youHe designs the characters and acts as the lead director of the animation. Tomesiro (Detective Conan: Tea Time ZeroAnd macross deltaAnd dragon dentist) composes music. Both troika And DMME photos She is credited with the original layout of the series, and troika It is mobile.

DMM created the DMME photos Animation label March 2017. Anime director I OK (Zero FateAnd bravo girlsAnd son wandering) and his friends founded troika studio in 2014. The studio animated series such as IDOLiSH7And lownessAnd RE: CreatorsAnd Lord Milli II Case Files: Real Zeppelin Grace’s Note.

sources: Shinobi no Ittoki anime websiteAnd Comedy Natalie

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