do we hear their father as a narrator on their tour?


PNL fans have been speculating for a few days about a message delivered at the heart of their performance on the title “Hasta la Vista”.

The PNL tour continues and it’s now time for the first theories for the duo’s so concerned fans. In recent hours, it is a mysterious caesura observed in “Hasta la Vista” which challenges Internet users. In fact, as they perform the title, taken from their album Two brothers, on stage, the music cuts off abruptly in favor of a voiceover that overlooks the room. It narrates a message that is displayed on giant screens.

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“Free. You are free, take this chance to love your family. Be happy and generous, because you will only feel better for it. The air is purer when you are free. Enjoy and silky happy”. After this break, which only lasts a handful of seconds, PNL resumes its piece and takes the public with them in the middle of the Western sounds that cross the piece.

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On Twitter, some speculate on the identity of the narrator and a tweet, very shared on Tuesday, ensures that it is their father. Unfortunately, it is impossible to invalidate or confirm this information, although it seems unlikely. Because if the father of Ademo and NOS occupies an important place within their opus, he has however never been put forward in such a way artistically.

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We therefore remain only at the stage of speculation. Despite everything, this inspiring message continues the group’s desire to place their tour under the sign of freedom and joy. Strong values ​​for PNL, which had to postpone their tour several times, forced by the health crisis. From now on, the two brothers share sincere moments of life with their community and deliver messages of peace and love over their dates, like this poignant speech by Ademo in Dijon.

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