Doctor Strange 2’s broken watch hides the movie’s important message


Most of the Marvel Cinematic Universe revolves around the core themes that have helped define the characterization of its heroes and villains. This can be seen with Tony Stark and his arc reactor or Thor and Mjolnir. With Doctor Strange, the biggest symbol of his character was the watch Kristen Palmer gifted him, but unlike in previous films, Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness She developed the smallest character trait and gave it more importance.

at first Dr. Gharib, left his watch broken after the collapse that took his hands. The reason for this was that although his hands and purpose changed, what was broken was born his best. It also represented the goodness and heroism that came from his loss. However, in The multiverse of madnessthe clock turned into the next part of Stephen’s journey toward recovery: acceptance.

Throughout the movie, Stephen was asked if he was happy or not. While he said yes in almost all cases, he was only lying to himself, as he tied his heart so firmly to Christine. Now, married and happy, Stephen is left alone and without love. Although he knew he was the best, his fears held him back, and the watch that symbolized his desire to move forward had now hampered his growth, but in his journey through the multiverse, he learned the importance of moving forward and finding him. His own happiness as all of his various forms showed the dangers of not giving up.

When Sinister encounters Strange, he sees a man so dazed that he has lost Christine and so unhappily that he has destroyed his world and killed many of his variables. Somehow, Stephen encountered a cracked reflection of his darker self, similar to the reflection in his broken watch. Because of this and his admission that he had always loved Kristen and was afraid to move on, he finally found a clearer path.

The film concluded with Stephen repairing his watch, repairing the cracked face, and placing it in a drawer. Doing so showed the audience that his heart had finally improved, and instead of keeping the memory of Kristen on his wrist, he kept it in his home as a lesson he would never be afraid of.

His heart had finally healed, and he could confidently reply that he was happy. Surprisingly, soon after, he was introduced to Clea, who would be his wife in the comics. Also, as in the comics, she is shown defying him and all he’s learned, proving that she could be the answer to the love Stephen was too afraid to encounter earlier.

Every hero in the MCU showed his flaws and strengths every time he appeared on screen. However, Dr. Strange has shown that the healing process is not always as easy as one might suggest. Dr. Strange did not easily admit his shortcomings, which had always prevented him from achieving greatness. By finally accepting what he had lost and what he had gained in equal measure, he was finally able to mend the broken heart that was his hour and show that while healing is not an easy thing, it is necessary to do so to grow as a person and in this case, a hero.

To see Strange mend his broken heart, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is now in theaters.

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