Does Chapter 1069 reveal the secret of “D’s Will”?


“D will.” is a mystery surrounding some people who have the first letter “D.” by their names. It is not clear what the significance of the shared initial is, but it seems that all share a deep desire for freedom and have a strong belief in their (and others’) dreams and/or destiny.

When “D” the general consensus seems to be that they are going to turn things around on a global scale, for better or for worse. Examples of world-shaking events that Dee instigated include wars, changes in government, and the dawn of a new era. D’s will can be seen as an example of the broader concept of hereditary will.

The biggest mystery of “Dr.” is that most of those who bear the letter “D.” They themselves are unaware of its true meaning. However, the Marines seem to have some awareness of the importance of the start, with Sengoku showing an interest in Ace because of him.

Trafalgar Lou’s parents also seem to have some knowledge of what a “Dr.” I mean, considering that although they passed the first letter on to their child, they hid it and insisted that only their surname and name be used. ghoul d. Roger is the first in the story to discover its meaning, still known only by “D”.

Those who carry “d.” They seem able to withstand an incredible degree of punishment in battle and only resign themselves to death when they know it is truly inevitable. Along the same lines, unusual behavior seems to be common to “D.” They are often seen laughing or smiling before they die (or think they are about to die), as if they have accepted their fate and are not afraid of death. Observers expressed their shock and bewilderment at this phenomenon, unable to believe that someone could ever fully come to terms with the end of their life.

So far this weird feature has appeared 6 times:

  • Witnesses claim that Gol D. Roger died smiling during his execution.
  • Smoker saw Luffy smile the same way when he was about to be killed by Buggy, though he survived in the end.
  • Nico Robin witnessed Saul laughing and smiling as he froze to death, though he eventually survived.
  • Portgas D. Rouge is seen crying and smiling when she calls Ace death shortly after.
  • Portgas D. Ace thanked everyone for his love and died with a smile on his face.
  • Trafalgar d.

Blackbeard is unusual among those with “Dr.” In that he showed a fear of death. When Whitebeard attacked him at Marineford, he started to panic and begged for mercy. Blackbeard, although he didn’t show fear when fighting an Ace, couldn’t accept death when it became a strong possibility.

When Vegaponk mentioned that devil fruit is associated with desires, I immediately thought, “Dr.’s will.” It must be “the will of desire”. I believe that only people with D. in their name can manifest their desires for satanic fruits.

I think that is why they are so intimidated by the world government. If someone with a D in their name became strong enough they could forge a Devil Fruit of their own. Either that or they were the original group that created the devil fruits and may have more power with the fruits. At one time the Devil Fruit was probably called the Fruit of Desire and at some point during the Void Century the World Government changed its name to Devil Fruit to try to hide the meaning of D.’s name and to try to get people not to eat it.

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