Does Doctor Strange 2 fail Wanda’s character?

Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness It actually broke box office records worldwide within days of its release. The long-awaited sequel to 2016 Dr. Gharib It centers on Master of the Mystic Arts Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) as he struggles to protect young America Chavez from the corrupt Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen). Chavez can travel through the multiverse – a skill she has yet to master – and after reading Darkhold, Marvel’s Book of the Damned, Wanda attempts to take Chavez’s power for her in an effort to get to a reality she can finally be in. Reunited with her children. Directed by Sam Raimi, The multiverse of madness It is a wild ride from start to finish, covering many facts within Marvel Cinematic Universe It features star-studded cameos, but some Marvel fans argue that the movie is packed with too much content, sacrificing character development.

Like Avengers: EndgameAnd The multiverse of madness It definitely requires some basic knowledge beforehand, as Marvel boss Kevin Feige has asked fans to blog about events WandaVision, Loki And what if…? To fully appreciate the context of the movie. It’s all part of Marvel’s lineup of TV shows through a partnership with Disney+, and many Marvel fans have hailed the series as a unique way for comic fans to get their superhero fix while simultaneously developing their beloved MCU heroes. WandaVision It was a prime example of this, in part as an origin story for Wanda but also as a continuation of her arc after the tragic loss of vision in infinity war. WandaVision It was a wonderful example of one’s journey through grief but also a tale of self-discovery, ending with Wanda fully realizing her fate as the legendary Scarlet Witch and the acquisition of Darkhold.

WandaVision She also takes a dangerous look behind the scenes at the true extent of Wanda’s power after enslaving an entire city to make her characters in the reality sitcom starring, Vision and her two children. In the end, Wanda was forced to give up the illusion she had created for herself in the Hex, realizing that despite having everything she wanted, it wasn’t fair to control the lives of others for her own gain. The show’s ending is a powerful consequence of Wanda’s coming to terms with her grief, and she appears to be moving out of Westview Town in favor of isolating herself from others so she can fully control the magic of the chaos. But the post-credits scene showed a quick clip of Wanda’s star shape reading Darkhold and hearing the voices of her children screaming for her from a different reality.

This is the place The multiverse of madness Picks. It has always been speculated that Wanda will play the role of the villain in this movie, which came as a surprise to fans considering her dissolution after WandaVision. Right off the bat The multiverse of madnessWanda is evil and desperate to reach her children by any means necessary – even if it means killing a young girl in the process. This is a sharp and drastic change from the last time fans saw her at the end of WandaVisionAnd juxtaposition is a kind of disharmony. Raimi tries to cross it off by using a few lines of dialogue that states that whoever reads Darkhold has become corrupt, even if only once. Wanda may have been logging countless hours studying Darkhold between the events of WandaVision And The multiverse of madnessThis led to a radical change in her position.

Wanda is so cruel in The multiverse of madness, where you make quick work of many strange variants, wizards in Moon Taj, and even the Illuminati. On the one hand, it’s exciting for Scarlet Witch fans to see Wanda really unleash the extent of her messy charm, but it also seems out of place for her character. yes, WandaVision She showed that she was willing to do anything for her family, but the decision of the show seems to reveal that Wanda has accepted her reality and will now be able to close this chapter and move on. To see her character development mainly from WandaVision thrown out the window in The multiverse of madness I felt like seeing two completely different versions of the character.

Regardless of whether Wanda is a heroine or a villain, there is little argument for that she is one of the strongest members of the MCU at the moment. Although the end The multiverse of madness As Elizabeth Olsen seems to have marked the end of the Scarlet Witch, she has confirmed that there may still be more to see from Wanda. Whether it’s a solo movie or other supporting appearance like in The multiverse of madnessWe hope Wanda is in a better place emotionally and mentally. Seeing a character who truly loses everything has built a loyal and devoted fan base for Scarlet Witch, who just want to see her happy and successful. While WandaVision Seems to be a step in that direction. The multiverse of madness Turn the character of Wanda Maximoff upside down again.

Seeing a completely different Wanda, Doctor Strange plays the multiverse of Madness now in theaters.

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