Does the Alien Academy have a place in the MCU?

In 2020, Marvel . was released strange academy (Written by Scotty Young with the art of Humberto Ramos and Edgar Delgado), a comic book series that introduces a diverse cast of characters in the school of magic run by the wizard Supreme himself. Students were taught a variety of things about spells, different universes, and even time travel.

By the end of the Multiverse of Madness, America Chavez begins her training in Karmar-Taj after Strange helps her learn to control her powers. Could this be the start of something bigger, perhaps, the formation of Strange Academy within the MCU?

In this comic book series, Strange set up the school to train the next generation of New Orleans magic users. Debates revolve around whether or not this is to get them to fight as soldiers, but regardless everything is in order. The price of magic is paid attention to thanks to the tiger god Vishanti, Hugoth. This meant that the students present would not have to worry about the effect of their magical use while they were in school.

Magical users from Earth, Asgard, Otherworld, Limbo, and other worlds band together to learn what it takes to use magic. There are a variety of characters in this series. Fans even meet Doyle, Dormamo’s son. Professors of this school include Ileana Rasputin, Wanda Maksimov, Nico Minoru, and Brother Vodou.

So what could this series mean for the MCU? After the events of the Multiverse of Madness, it could mean that school could be in session. Fans have already seen the Dark Dimension in the first Dr. Dormammu’s son can easily appear because Clea is the dark being’s niece. In New Mutants, Ileana revealed a little about her world called Limbo and drew strength from there. These are the places where students learn in the picture book series.

Wanda Maximoff’s fate is unknown, although fans like to imagine her taking so long after The Darkhold is destroyed. When she returns, perhaps she can make up for herself by helping Strange and becoming a teacher at the school. At Strange Academy, you teach young students about the magic of chaos and become the teacher you’ve never made for the other students.

This will also be an opportunity for other characters to highlight the MCU. Brother Voodoo acts as a kind of principal when Strange is away, and plays an important role in a student’s learning and safety. Zelma Stanton, Strange’s librarian, is another important character in the series. Zelma acts as a guide or person for students to reach while at the same time reminding them to turn in their assignments.

Dr. Strange has managed to guide America into her fight with Wanda, but she still has a lot to learn, as we finally saw when she was training at Karmar Targ. Cramer Targ is indeed a place for others to learn magic, but as the multiverse opens up and new truths are discovered, Strange Academy is perhaps a great place for all those young students to meet and learn. It could appear in the next Doctor Strange movie, or it could even be from the Disney Plus series. At this point, nothing should be ruled out.

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