Dr. Gharib 2 honors my girl


With Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness Being a staple of Marvel Studios’ Phase 4, it made sense to honor other films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The fans got Avengers Gestures, as well as references to proverbs WandaVision. However, due to Sam Raimi’s guidance, there were Easter eggs for his past evil deadas well as the horror genre in general with regards to the likes curry And Exorcist. Halfway through the film, the sequel impressively slowed its intensity and paid tribute to a classic ’90s movie. In the process, America’s journey has made Chavez even sadder, reminding fans of how difficult it is for children to overcome traumas early in life.

This moment was spiritually connected to 1991 for me girl, Fada (Anna Klumsky) spent the summer in Pennsylvania with her father, Harry (Dan Aykroyd). The young girl is obsessed with death, thinking that she killed her mother after giving birth, but Vada finds solace in Thomas (Maculay Culkin). They were weird kids and felt like clan spirits, only for the movie to take a dark turn.

Thomas returns to the forest to get the lost ring of Vada. Unfortunately, he was attacked by bees and he died. The movie predicted this earlier when they saw the beehive, and revealed that he is allergic to everything. He smashed it, reminding her how inevitable death was, in a move that shocked audiences. The spectacle wasn’t terrifying at all – it only showed cute bees buzzing in the sunlight, only for a few people to rally Thomas, leading to a meeting with Mayor Harry to tell him the truth.

It showed how innocent and beautiful moments can be brought about with the tragedy that occurred when Strange and America reached another land. They saw a memory bank on the street, which showed how strangely they miss Kristen, even though she was happily married. Then America used the device that unveiled its history with its mothers. They were in a field, in awe of the flowers, when a bee landed near America.

In turn, she was frightened, and for the first time opened a powerful portal. The sheer force drew her mothers away, leaving fans to wonder if they died in what world they were shot in. This was a mental, emotional but terrifying moment for the kid, as it was her strength and sent her across the multiverse to find them.

It may not have been an outright death, but – like Vada – America had to mature quickly and understand what the loss was. The bee was the personification of anxiety again, but in the case of America, it was the first time she had experienced such pain. Alas, she didn’t have a support system like Vada, not until she met Strange and Wong and fought against the corrupt Wanda, so America’s journey was more isolated and more soul-crushing.

Watch how America and Vada share a symbolic, spiritual moment in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, now in theaters.

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