Drismer complains about PCN’s new sidekick: ‘Here’s my famous replacement’


After their split was announced, Drismer and PCN called out to each other on social media. Indeed, PCN would have found a replacement for its former partner.

After flipping Twitter, Drismer and PCN apparently made a more than surprising decision. Indeed, on its networks, the duo announced their separation. And what we only thought was a buzz shot is gradually starting to be confirmed. Indeed, while Drismer announced that he wanted to stop the music because he was unable to release the freestyle “Bintou” on the platforms, PCN was spotted touring with a new partner.

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Drismer: “PCN found me a replacement”

A few days ago, Drismer warned. Having ignored the last call from PCN, he said he had come to terms with the idea of ​​having been replaced: “I just woke up and see my tiktok account got banned and PCN found me a replacement“. If the reason for his TikTok ban has not been explained, Drismer has reshared the video of PCN and his new sidekick, which he commented with a touch of sarcasm: “Here is my famous substitute“.

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Drismer and PCN therefore continues to maintain the mystery around their separation. Indeed, despite these fairly explicit tweets, the duo cannot help retweeting certain tweets highlighting a communication coup on their part. A track that we can not help but believe. While they recently promoted a contract signed with Sony, did the two artists really plan to separate or is it a communication stunt, which they have perfect control of? Case to follow.

In the rest of the news, PNL cancels its date in Lyon at four hours from the show.

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