Drismer Explains Why Freestyle “Bintou” Will Never Be Streamed


Rap success exclusively dedicated to social networks, the freestyle “Bintou” will never appear on streaming platforms assured Drismer.

Definitely, the week is made up of bad news for the Drismer-PCN duo. After officially announcing their separation, Drismer revealed this Friday that the freestyle “Bintou”, a parody title that boosted their notoriety a few weeks ago, will never appear on streaming platforms. “Bad news, the Bintou sound will never be released on the platforms, the Americans have not ceded the rights to us”he confessed.

Drismer: ‘It breaks my heart’

And to continue, disappointed: “It breaks my heart, so much effort that in the end our sounds can’t even get out on the platforms. And you want me to continue the music, leave me alone”. As a reminder, the “Bintou” freestyle, which uses the “Ouh Hi Ouh Ha Ha” gimmick, has been a huge success on social networks.

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Accumulating several tens of millions of views in total, the short capsule had never been published on the platforms, on which it could however have claimed a nice success. More than that, freestyle would have allowed Drismer and PCN to gain more official and professional exposure.

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Finally, “Bintou” will apparently remain a myth kept by social networks. A bad omen for the two artists, who almost exclusively use their social networks to publish their exclusives. This week, Drismer and PCN announced their separation after this short and rich adventure via several touching messages. Also: Drismer and PCN snubbed by rappers: “We only take winds”.

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