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Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness It is a multidimensional adventure. This should be obvious based on the title. It is also a sequel to Spider-Man: There is no room for home In a way that makes sense why Strange was involved in another multiverse failure. It looks like a big new batch from Marvel.

There is a line in the Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness Which makes it seem like more time has passed than viewers think. He remembers Strange Spider-Man but he shouldn’t. Is there a movie or show that will help fill in the gaps or should fans accept what Strange and Wong remember? Either way, there are different versions of Doctor Strange in the movie, and the best ones can be found below.

warning. The following list contains spoilers!

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5 strange america

The universe that America and its Doctor Strange came from has never been named. There are only two official worlds registered in Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness. There is Earth-616 which is the reality where the main MCU takes place. Then there’s Earth-838, which is where most of this movie takes place. Wherever America finds this version of Doctor Strange it doesn’t matter. There are some subtle differences between it and Earth-616 Strange.

America’s Strange can speak Spanish, which is a joke that goes back to the movie. He also has some alternative powers. This version of Strange fights the demon who is chasing them with ice. It’s a cool force that’s not often seen in the MCU. X-Men Introduction Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness He may change things to make the ice more stable. America’s stranger is powerful, but not enough to conquer evil. In the end, it was his distrust of America that caused his downfall.

4 strange Darkhold

This version of Doctor Strange is the villains of the bunch. He uses Darkhold irresponsibly, just like Wanda, and jeopardizes his reality. When Christine and Earth-616 Strange enter this dimension, everything looks upside down. The sky is an endless void and cars and buildings are floating in the rubble everywhere. It looks like the end of the world has happened.

The only person they find alive is another version of Doctor Strange who wants more power despite what he’s already done to his reality. It’s not a good look for a wizard’s brand. He gets the fiercest death he deserves Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness. Darkhold Strange is evicted from his home and lands on a fence, thus puncturing him. It’s a brutal method, but fans are wondering if that’s the case. Can a fence kill an MCU character? If so, maybe that’s what Captain America should be carrying in place of the shield.

3 Earth 838 stranger

Champions Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness You can’t meet Earth-838 version of Doctor Strange. He actually died because he was the one who heroically killed Thanos during the Great War. This is the story that at least the citizens of Earth-838 know. In fact, Earth-838 Strange was also destroyed by the evil book, although he stuck to his sanity long enough to destroy Thanos. He also knew that he could no longer survive for fear that Darkhold’s power would spread too far.

His enlightened comrades agree and decide to bring Earth-838 alien out of his misery. Black Bolt whispers, “I’m sorry” before driving him into oblivion. While viewers can’t see Earth-838 Strange in action, they can sympathize with his plight. He was a good wizard who did what he had to in order to defeat Thanos and save the universe. He even acquired a museum and an impressive collection of statues to serve him.

2 strange zombie

The zombie version of Doctor Strange is technically the same as the one seen in the beginning Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness. It’s the version that dies as America leaps into the reality of Earth-616. He was buried by Earth-616 Strange over the garden of a building. No one could predict the resurrection of this corpse. It was one of the most surprising moments in the movie.

Since he behaves differently with a new set of powers, Zombie Strange will be considered his entity. It’s also one of the coolest versions in the movie because it’s so different. It’s a coma for one person. Second, it harnesses the power of ghosts and demons to become a kind of Lovecraftian nightmare. He throws ghosts at the Scarlet Witch to stop her, which is silly, but cool nonetheless. He may lose parts of his body in the fight but he continues. It’s the most Sam Raimi thing in the movie so far. It must be a nod to him evil dead Franchise business.

1 Earth-616 Strange

The best copy of the Doctor Strange award should go to the Earth-616 wizard. He’s the one the fans have spent the longest on. Since 2016, when the first movie came out, Strange has made great strides as a person. He could be more rude than some of the other heroes in the MCU. began to soften Spider-Man: There is no room for home. It was clear that he was beginning to take an interest in Peter as some kind of alternate guardian.

Guardianship mentality turned into Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness Because he decides to protect America from Wanda. He falters at first, but at the end of his journey, he has a satisfactory outcome. Strange learns that there are always options and that not everything has to be revolved around it. Others can carry the knife.

Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness In cinemas now.

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