Elden Ring Mod proves that Malenia is the most powerful game

A costumer decides to test the difficulty of the notorious Malenia by pitting her against the other Elden Ring bosses and gets some surprising results.

A designer decided to test his strength elden ringThe infamous Malenia, Blade of Miquella, is compared to the other bosses in the game.

for every game spotContent creator Soursborne Garden of Eyes has created a mod to engage all of the game’s bosses in a gigantic battle that’s free for all. Eye Garden was particularly interested in seeing how Malenia, often considered not only elden ringHe’s the most challenging boss but one of the toughest boss fights in all of From Software, being treated fairly when facing every other boss. By watching the resulting video, Malenia’s bad reputation is clearly well deserved.

Most of the early game bosses proved to be no match for Malenia as she cut them off mercilessly and easily. Like the Tree Sentinel that proved to be a roadblock for many players early in the game, some fell quickly, as did similar early game bosses like Margit the Fell Omen and Godrick the Grafted. Part of the reason for her stamina is because she recovers with every attack she lands, making her fast attacks recover health as quickly as she can defeat her enemy. There is also the matter of her second stage, which sees her gaining wings and a huge health boost. A few bosses give Malinia a run for the money, but these mainly belong to the latter half of the game.

Born into twins to her brother Miquela, Malinia is known as the most powerful of the empires. She possesses a prosthetic arm and leg, both in gold, along with a now recognizable golden helmet, and lives deep within the mysterious city of Elphael, close to the roots of Haligtree Wielding. When the game was released in February, Malenia quickly gained attention even earlier elden ringStandards.

The infamous difficulty led her to appear elden ring Player calling himself “Let Me Solo Her”. After becoming an expert in defeating Malenia, Let Me Solo Her visits other players’ games to beat her, although she is an optional boss and is not necessary for defeat to complete the game. Let Me Solo Her have gained their own fan base, in part from their iconic appearance as a man who wears nothing but a jawline on his head and possesses a two-piece.

For fans interested in seeing Malenia in action or simply diving into the fantasy world of the lands between, elden ring Now available to play on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: YouTube via game spot

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