Elisa’s Dreams Series Episode 6


Political bribes, explosive assassinations, thorny deaths of women, amnesia miracles – just another average day in a world Birdy Wing – A Girls Golf Story. Many say that even a slower episode of this series is a blast to watch. On the scale of the show so far, that’s a relatively minor part, mostly laying the groundwork for next week’s deadly showdown. However, on your average anime scale, this is still Birdy Suitefor example, highly critical of sports stories, not subject to strict standards of good taste or reasonableness.

The golf mafia corner is totally soaking up the spotlight this week. Eve, after being snatched from virtual reality when she is about to exchange vows with Aoi, does her best to deal with the impending demolition of her home, an unintended consequence of the underground game she won for Catherine. It’s a legitimately compelling development of dramatic irony. Eve, basically, made a deal with the Devil in order to play against Aoi, and now she’s reaping the stinking fruits. Does she get more involved in employing golf mobs in order to ensure the safety of her friends and orphans, or does she seek revenge and fight in a different way? It’s a powerful struggle, and it’s easy to imagine the risks and rewards of either side, leaving Eve’s future all the more uncertain.

The politics among the mafia isn’t great compared to any other crime story, but it’s nicely enhanced by the knowledge that it all takes place in the anime with the subtitle “Girls Golf Story”. There is questionable casino legal development…depending on golf. There is a major assassination of a city councilman… because of the game of golf. At one point, one of his followers openly said that they wanted to resolve this conflict with golf because it started with golf. It’s crazy logic that exists only to justify more brutal confrontations between bunkers, and it’s amazing. You should take this as an object lesson in how important it is to have some kind of purpose or structure in mind when writing. Birdy SuiteDespite its chaotic feel, it builds these golf matches at higher and more dramatic stakes, which is why it performs so well.

Birdy Suite He also works well because he knows not to waste a good character when he has one. That’s right, Vipere is back, and she’s still the lovable loser she fell in love with. The funniest part of the entire episode is how we see, in real time, the slow development of her realization that Nicholas let her live on purpose. Without Eve’s input, there wouldn’t be anything going around her skull except golf, toxic perfume, and Hot Topic coupons. Her scandalous entry into Nicholas’ followers, combined with the transparency of her motives and the immediacy of her efficacy, make for a moment worth chuckling, too. And, of course, I could forget all the effort she put into that classic training montage—an effort that was instantly undermined by Eve’s memories of her top golf camp. Vipere can’t win, which is why she is the best.

In the absence of a big stupid golf match or big gay moment between Eve and Aoi, this is actually a good week to think about how casually funny Birdy Suite Maybe. Some of it is disrespectful—the way Rose polishes her putters as if they were rifles, turtles crawling around her desk, and the revelation that her base of operations is a back room of a golf apparel store. Kristen has been nude for most of her looks this week, which probably wasn’t for the silly angle, but it’s fun nonetheless. Then we have this adorable scene of Lily crying stacking Gunpla, ready to make the ultimate sacrifice if it means that she, Klein and the adorable orphans can keep their shop a little longer.

Birdy Suite In addition, he shows no fear veering into super melodrama to inform her characters and struggles. Did Klein and Lily really need back stories about being underage whores in order to make them empathetic? No, the bets have been clear enough already, but on some level, I have to honor the chain’s commitment not to take half-measures. As another example, Eve not only has a family, but she has no childhood memories and no ties to her past whatsoever as well as a first name and a supernatural gift to golf. Rather than fuel speculation, this just convinces me that she and Aoi have some previous bonds, most likely as long-lost sisters. It’s likely Leo will show up to Eve’s mentor at some point to explain all of that, but rather than be disappointed with how high the anime seems to be advertising these transformations, I’m eager to see how it goes.

And what a cliffhanger he leaves us hanging on! As Eve depicted Aoi’s soft landscape amidst billions and billions of stars in the Milky Way, she squabbled to the death with Rose. Fight to the death through golf. If it turns out that all of Rose’s twisted, Machiavellian machinations were carried out just to prepare this one-on-one match with Eve, I think that’s the dumbest, smartest, best outcome. Lots of horror, manipulation and bloodshed in the name of discovering who can hit a small ball into a hole too far and too small in the fewest number of strokes. This is, without a doubt, golf.

Classification: Equal

Cumulative score: -8

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