Episode 31 “The Secret House”: Release Date and Preview


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Tae Hee tries to convince Ji Hwan to marry the fact that she is a compatible benefactor to Seol. She also adds that they can have surgery soon if she becomes Sol’s mother. However, in episode 31 of The Secret House, we might find out that this is just one of Tae Hee’s lies about being in love with Ji Hwan.

Also, Ji Hwan calls the number he found at the police station. When he is able to track down the address, he visits the place in hopes of finding his mother. He follows a lady and, eventually, meets his mother. However, the task now is to take her with him undetected.

What happened in the “secret house”?

In previous episodes of The Secret House, up until now, we’ve seen that Ji Hwan found out that Tae Hyung hit his mother with his car nine years ago. Also, after hearing the recording, he has hope that Kyung Sun is still alive. However, when a police officer comes to him and tells him that they have found his mother’s body, he is in ruins. When he arrives at the police station, his worst fears come true, and he collects what is left of his mother. Finally, on the day of Kyung Sun’s funeral, Ji Hwan tried to run over Tae Hyung with his car.

After the incident, Ji Hwan was arrested for assault. When he gets out of prison, he tries to reveal the truth about Tae Hyung by calling reporters. However, when he receives a call from his mother, he immediately leaves the building. Furthermore, he begins his quest to find his mother again. In episode 31 of The Secret House, Ji Hwan discovers many new facts and gets one step closer to finding his mother. On the other hand, Tae Hee discovers her mother’s crime and wants to give Ji Hwan back to her. She takes a test and finds out that she is a Sol compatible donor. However, to perform the transplant, she must become her mother.

Secret House Episode 31
Secret House Episode 31

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Tae Hee is trying to end her life

In the flashback scene, we finally found the answer to why Tae Hee likes Ji Hwan so much. In the past, when she was still preparing for medical school, she failed several times. For this reason, she decides to jump off a building because she does not have the courage to face her mother. However, Ji Hwan comes to the place in time and saves her. He consoles her and tells her that he will buy her a lot of food every day. This is the point when Tae Hee starts liking Ji Hwan and in episode 31 of The Secret House, we may notice that her affection for him has increased a lot over time.

‘Secret House’ Episode 31 Preview

While Tae Hee does her best to get close to Ji Hwan, Tae Hyung focuses on his election campaign. In episode 31 of The Secret House, Tae Hyung may be in big trouble because Ji Hwan knows that his mother hasn’t died. For Tae Hee, her lie is discovered when a girl comes to her office to ask about her transplant. Tae Hee used another person who could donate to Seol and used it as leverage to marry Ji Hwan. Will Ji Hwan and Joo Hong find out in Episode 31 of The Secret House?

secret house
secret house

Release date Episode 31 “The Secret House”

The release date of The Secret House is May 23, 2022. Ji Hwan finds the number of the person who kidnapped his mother many years ago. He finds out that it must be someone related to Tae Hyung and calls the number standing in front of his house. Finally, in episode 31 of The Secret House, he might be one step closer to the truth as he finds out his number. The figure belongs to Mr. Yang.

Watch episode 31 of the series The Secret House

The South Korean drama The Secret House is a television channel broadcast by MBC. People from South Korea can watch Episode 31 of The Secret House on the official channel, and for global fans there is no official website to watch Episode 31 of The Secret House. So, for all the details of The Secret House episodes, stay tuned to Otakukart.

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