Episode 6


Loop on the beach? The inevitable.

a good beach ring? Now that says something.

I feel bad that I pride myself on trying to be somewhat objective when I review ANN, but it’s really hard not to flow Love after world domination every week. If you’re wondering if I’ll avoid saying “you guys it’s so good” for the umpteenth time, well, I’m here to tell you that I lean in.

Yes, beach rings are a common and popular trope, but Love after world domination It still manages to make it work specifically in its setting and narration so that it feels fluid, delivering a metric ton of show-stopping comedy along the way.

The fact that all gags are funny helps. Culverin Bear relaxing on the seashore and telling them to “act discreetly,” the 12-human robots and the way Princess Beast misinterprets events in favor of Daisumi are all fantastic, and she let out a loud laugh more than once in this episode.

But aside from the laughs, this episode also has a huge emotional core. Finding someone at a time that makes your current life path difficult to be with is a struggle that many face. It can be difficult to choose a budding relationship over a long-term goal that you are about to achieve. It’s clear that Daisom’s struggle is somewhat different – she has to decide whether to become a literal Kaijin – but nonetheless her predicament is quite fixable. Much like tokusatsu which is shown to draw inspiration from, Love after world domination He finds serious truths in the absurd because it is intrinsically serious work.


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