Episode 6 The Demon Girl Next Door Season 2


When I finished watching “Vow Under the Setting Sun! The Path Forward for Demonkind,” I had to check the calendar a few times just to be absolutely sure I didn’t somehow bother myself all the way to July. If you had told me that this wasn’t actually just the middle of the season, but rather the final of the full season, I would have thought no questions asked. We’ve got more answers to the show’s big mysteries, some stellar bonuses for our heroine’s emotional arcs, and best of all, the debut of the Dark Peach Momo, which may have officially won the award for Best Witch Girl of All Time (with that yakuza guy being one of the Step Live Comes in sooner 2).

Really, the only major complaint I can even think of regarding a “vote under the setting sun!” Is the fact that it’s not quite as surprising as it did last week. With Sakura finally reappearing, the main objective of this episode is merely to explain how and why this phantom appearance of Momo’s older sister resides in the dark depths of Shamko’s subconscious. It’s cool stuff, but it doesn’t quite beat the crowd-pleasing mic drop for Sakura’s initial appearance.

In short, Sakura used the last of her own energy fragments to fuse her essence with the young Shamiko entity, ensuring that our hero would recover from the amazing effects of her family’s curse. There’s also an interesting tip about how Shamiko’s poor health has caused Ryoko’s share of the curse to fall upon her, which explains a lot about how Shamiko’s younger sister compares to being so well-adjusted to the rest of the people. her family. It also gives us a satisfactory reason why Sakura can’t be saved yet, since her core is still the only thing stopping Shamiko from emaciating again, and we can’t stand it very well, can we now?

This is how Momo feels, which is a testament to how powerful the character’s writing is TDGND You don’t doubt for a second that Momo really loves Shamiko enough that she would be willing to postpone saving Sakura to ensure Shamiko’s safety. Hell, she’s totally willing to go to the dark side for her gorgeously incompetent demonic friend, and yeah, I’m just going to attach some couple relationship stickers, because I’m sure you wouldn’t look at someone the way Shamiko would look at Dark Peach Momo if you weren’t well at least kind of Desperately in love with them.

If all this plot and character development already doesn’t make this episode seem like a perfect season ending, then the final scene of the episode sees Momo vowing to protect Shamiko (and her little city girl) with everything she has, and she does so with such a genuine smile that it makes Shamiko cry. It’s a perfect ending to this story, and I can’t really imagine what a fan of the show could ask for more from this season…

Oh wait, yes I can! Six more episodes full of cute girls doing cute (and sometimes painful) things please thank you so much (and please don’t remind me that we have to wait a full two weeks for the next episode too). Until next time, I’ll be right here in my corner, anxiously rewatching the Dark Peach Momo transformation sequence and plotting the first draft of Demon girl next door College fan stories.


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