Episode 7 Nijigasaki High School Idol Club Season 2


I’m afraid to be cruel during this stretch Nijigasakias I expect this Franchise You have high stakes and tangible melodrama and end up disappointed when you don’t achieve it. Because that is definitely not the case. I watched this and enjoyed it Franchise Long enough to figure out where the hit zone is, and I think there’s plenty of room inside that to tell compelling, charming, and even emotionally touching stories to pair up with goofy idol hunters. My problem with the Setsuna episode was that there wasn’t much disagreement – Setsuna’s double life was always mysterious at best, and there was no real feeling that there would be any real discomfort if her secret was revealed. So when we wrapped that story up with a musical hit, a sense of routine arose, rather than a spectacle meant to escalate the journey these characters went through.

So I’m thankful for Shioriko’s time who actually managed to highlight his solution. After half a season of running on the sidelines and threatening to do something important, we’re finally taking a look at our inner struggles in year one, and there are some good things here. It’s definitely not the first love life! A character to convince herself that she can’t be an idol school, but I like how her thinking comes naturally from her background. Seeing the sister who was idolized (No pun intended Well yeah, pun intended) Breaking down over failing to win a show love life! I taught her to stick to only the safest and most stable path, and that feels great. It’s better to stay in the background, and help people with talent to succeed than to chase waterfalls that you don’t think are right for them. It’s kind of a more depressing version of Yoo’s devotion to School Idol Club, and he does a lot to humanize it.

My big annoyance here is that since it all comes in one episode, there’s not much room to get more personal or intimate with those feelings. The two characters closest to Shioriko are Kaoruko and Lanzhu, and the latter of these two is still confined until we finally get back to her story. Kaoruko can’t really be the one to solve this for her sister, so it’s left to School Idol Club to do the heavy lifting for a character they barely interacted with. This makes the grand scene where they all gather to encourage Shioriko to pursue her dreams a lot less important than it could have been. I appreciate how it incorporates the lessons that Setsuna learned last week, and gives this whole struggle a little more backbone, but I can’t help but think of how much more of an impact it would have if Shioriko had had a relationship with any of our main girls before now. Even Mia had more meaningful interactions with niggasakidis, and all she did was pet a cat and eat burgers.

That being said, I love the ultimate music video for all of this. I’m not wild about the song – after that high energy drum n Bass intro is kind of fading out, plus the CR version doesn’t translate the lyrics at the time of writing – but the visuals do some serious work in communicating Shioriko’s character. Previous MVs were glamorous and energetic, and focused more on performing in the universe with some fan service Shots of the cast in different outfits from all Stars Game. Here, they work in some dramatic visual metaphor as Shioriko wanders through a library frozen in time, searching for the key that will allow her to set the clock and move forward again. And it was this ever-shining feather of School Idolotry that finally led her to it, a bookmark that has held its place and can allow it to pick up where it left off. It’s a smart way to work in one FranchiseThe most enduring symbols while making essential musical numbers more than just a spectacle.

Overall, this is definitely a step up from last week. A part of me can’t help but compare it to the similar bow that Sumer took SuperstarAnd how it achieved a lot of what it was trying to achieve, but Nijigasaki He always had his own way of dealing with things. I can’t blame her for doing her best on her own terms. My biggest really is that last shot of Lanzhu with conflicting looks – I really hope this means we can go back to her and Mia and start exploring them as characters now.


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