Episode 7 – The executioner and her way of life


After last week’s bombshell episode, it makes sense The executioner and her way of life That would slow things down and set things up a bit, especially since the show is just beginning to adapt the second light novel in the series (or so I’ve read). All of this to say that “Port City of Libelle” is very much a transitional episode, with the focus mainly on providing plenty of setting and exposure for what’s to come in the second half of the series. It’s not the most exciting chapter of the story by any means, but it gets the job done.

Now this is Mino Believes She knows the truth about Akari’s plight, and her long-term goal becomes to figure out a way to prevent a future where she fails to kill Akari forever. Unbeknownst to Mino, of course, is the fact that this is also exactly what Akari wants as well, and Akari has gone through who knows how many iterations to make sure Mino can manage to kill her. It’s a great struggle full of dramatic irony and inevitable tragedy, which really helps us go through an episode that mostly revolves around introducing a new environment (and kind of enter a new discount).

In terms of setting and characters, if there’s any major weakness in “Port City of Libelle”, it’s the fact that we don’t Is that true Get a great idea of ​​what to expect from these new story elements. The most interesting aspect of Port Libelle itself is The Pandemonium, a seemingly endless cover of mist containing one of the four human bugs that nearly finished the word, often used here for Mino for another failed attempt to kill Akari. I’m sure there could be more software to come out of The Pandemonium, and I relish the joke as True Akari is completely unconcerned about the prospect of being devoured by extreme horror for the umpteenth time. We just have to see where it goes from here.

The same can be said of Ms. Manon Libelle herself. Outside of the backstory, as we get to know how Flare is responsible for killing Manon’s mother, the main inconvenience we get for the character’s presence in the story is her killer streak. Not only are all representatives of the “fourth” class of society killed with these shady sandwiches, Manon is very happy to send that little girl singer on a date to play with Iron Maiden. Since both of these girls appear in the OP, I’m sure they’ll have a lot more to do in future episodes, but for now, again, we can only guess.

If this episode looks like I didn’t like it, it’s not true; I thought the overall sense of world-building and speed was pretty strong, and there were a lot of likable character interactions between the leading trio. I especially liked referring to Momo’s mostly off-screen battle with Ashuna, since the latter’s apparent crush on the former is a great little companion piece to the central relationship between Mino and Akari.

This is just one of those types of episodes that doesn’t inspire a lot of strong feelings either way, so it’s not a terrible sign, even if very light criticism ends up taking up a disproportionate amount of word count. It’s okay, because ‘Port City if Libelle’ isn’t really trying to blow anyone’s mind. It’s simply putting a few pieces in place for the real excitement that is (hopefully) to come. That’s enough, for now.


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