Episode 8 – Aharen-san wa Hakarenai


this is funy. After a week of complaining about it Aharin SanThe cast wasn’t really pulling their weight, they decided to not only bring back two of their best minor characters, but allow one of them to become the star of the show. Momo-chan-sensei (as she’ll be known from now on) didn’t make much of an impression after her introduction, and since then hasn’t really come out, but she’s made a comeback with a truly MVP performance. Take back what I said at the beginning of these reviews about Raido being the biggest giant in this show. This title can only belong to this crazy ship master, who will likely be hospitalized with ultimate levels of Squee.

True, if you think about it too hard, it’s a little uncomfortable to see an adult teacher trigger a nosebleed while seeing her students…not even flirting, as much as absolutely reacting. But like a lot of the comedy on this show, the delivery is so absurd that you have to do all the work to make it feel unwanted. Momo-chan-sensei doesn’t imagine her underage bodyguards doing anything steamy or plump – instead her brain is hard-wired with weird romantic animations like tripping over a banana peel in a first kiss, that’s too silly to take seriously . Also props to the immediate assumption of Oshiro’s love with Rina, not Raido – it would be far from reality either way, but it’s good to know that Momo-chan-sensei doesn’t discriminate in her fantasies.

And these illusions make up some of the best optical gags of the entire show to date. Part of that is just the charm of seeing these clumsy, straight-faced balls act completely out of character after weeks of seeing who they really are. Raido and Rina play the role of Yusuke and Keiko from Yo Yo Hakusho She is both adorable and surreal even before she reaches Raido to “smoke” a banana. Nothing on this earth can prepare me for the ultimate damning energy of Gakuen Handsome Raido in the buff. But perhaps the best gag of Momo-chan-sensei’s half from this episode is the one that isn’t quite addressed. Despite having a Terminal Shipper mind that constantly fantasizes about cliched romance scenarios, she’s completely oblivious to how she and Miyahara-sensei are basically admitting away from dating. I think sometimes the closer you get to something, the harder it is to see. Hopefully Momo-chan-sensei doesn’t die of blood loss before someone can ask the question.

From there we head back to the typical wheelhouse of the show, although this time it’s the anime’s most revered event: the fireworks festival. Ishikawa and Sato unfortunately failed to stand out on their second appearance, but their presence allows for some strong silliness from the main duo’s accomplishment. Oshiro. And while there are still some jokes about Raido overestimating himself, there are some fun twists on how he’s not competing with Aharen, but trying to totally improve their festival. The boy believes in himself and his friends so much, and is infectious enough that I completely forgot for a second that Rena is comically bad at judging distance. Raido’s imbu energy was strong enough to put the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis show off my mind for a moment. He shoots to reclaim the throne of Top Dumbass.

But besides all the gags, we’re actually pausing for a while to polish the romantic half of this romantic comedy. It’s nothing super-deep – helping Raido Reina see the fireworks clearly for the first time is as predictable a setup as you can get – but that doesn’t make seeing it any less fun. This duo’s main heart has always been their desire to help each other out as best they can, and that serious feeling being the catalyst for the vibrancy of this episode makes it all work. The moment when Rina hesitates to grab Raido’s hand, and for the first time realizing the (lack of) distance between them, is a quiet but inspiring moment to end the episode. All in all, that’s all good about it Aharin San All-cylinder shooting, a typical episode of this series.


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