Episode IV of ‘Kiss Sixth Sense’: Release Date and Where to Watch


Episode 4 of Kiss Sixth Sense will be released next week with a new twist on the story! Only the first two episodes were published, and a lot happened. Perhaps not many would have predicted, but Cha Min Ho turned into a decent evil leader. Unlike the other male leads in the drama, Cha Min Hoo is a more mature character. Of course, he is strict, and one might even call him cold-hearted, but he does everything for the benefit of his group, especially Hong Ye Sool. Even with his aloof and stubborn demeanor, Cha Min Ho holds a sweet spot for Hong Ye Sool, which makes his character even more loving.

Therefore, the first two episodes mainly focus on Hong Ye Sool and Cha Min Hoo’s business relationship. Instead of jumping straight into their romance, the drama reveals how they have known each other over the past five years. From the start, Cha Min Hoo had been supporting, guiding, and protecting Hong Ye Sool from the shadows. The best proof is the hospital scene and Cha Min Ho’s friend is her regular doctor. Thus, despite the cliched plot, fans find the chemistry between Yoong Kye Sang and Seo Ji Hye to be fascinating.

Moreover, the last episodes already showed the first kiss scene where Hong Ye Sool sees the vision for the future. However, after the accidental kiss, there is a shift in the air as Cha Min-Ho deliberately avoids Hong Ye Sool. Meanwhile, Hong Yi Seol is already in a state of disarray and wants to reconfirm her vision by kissing him again. But with her ex-love coming in, will she be able to get close to Cha Min Hoo in Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 4? Or will her future vision ignore the scars of her past?

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What do you expect in episode 4?

The wheel of love will spin in Episode 4 of Kiss Sixth Sense! Since it’s a mini-series, the next episode will be a turning point to introduce new love rival and third major lead Lee Pil Yo. Lee Pil Yo’s entry into Hong Ye Sool’s life will change her relationship and that of Cha Min Hoo as well. Perhaps Cha Min Ho needs a push to admit his feelings. This batch is Lee Bell Yu. We doubt it would be an instant recognition but it’s a slow burn. However, there is no doubt that Lee Pil Yo’s character is essential to Hong Ye Sool and Cha Min Hoo’s love story.

Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 4 With Subtitles
Cha Min Ho and Hong Ye Seul Kar: Disney +

Besides, we will look at Hong Ye Sool’s past love history. So far, she looks miserable when it comes to love. After all, every time she kissed her then-boyfriend, she was met with nothing but disappointment and hurt. However, Lee Pil Yo may be different because the trailers have already shown how happy she is with him. So we will see a glimpse into Lee Pil Yo and Hong Ye Sool’s previous relationship, how they met and why they broke up.

Aside from all the competing love drama, we should look forward to how Hong Ye Sool and Cha Min Hoo’s relationship evolved from assistant chief to some. There is also a possibility that the episode will reveal how she fell in love with Cha Min Ho. The highlight of the episode will be the undeniable harmony between the leads! However, the question remains unanswered. So, the fourth episode of Kiss Sixth Sense will reveal how Hong Ye Sool struggles to find true love between her past and her future!

Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 4 With Subtitles
Lee Pil Yo and Hong Ye Sool Cr: Disney +

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Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 4 Release Date

Episode 4 Kiss Sixth Sense will be released on June 1, 2022 at midnight on Disney+. Love is knocking on her door, but is Hong Ye Seol ready to welcome him into her heart? After countless heart attacks, she finally appeared. Do you choose the past or who holds its future? To see how Hong Ye Sool finds a way out of this love dilemma, watch new episodes of Kiss Sixth Sense every Wednesday.

Watch Kiss Sixth Sense Korean Drama Episode 4 Online – Broadcast Details

As it is an original series, Kiss Sixth Sense is broadcast on Disney + Hotstar only. Therefore, all South Korean and international viewers can watch the drama on Disney + Hotstar With English subtitles. Episode 4 will be out the same day at 1am in Australia. Meanwhile, it will be released on May 31, 2022 at 8:30 PM KST in India, 4 PM in UK, and 11 AM in the USA.

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