Eren and the Birds in Attack on the Ending Titan – Explained


Eren and the bird explained

Attack on Titan, also known as Shingeki no Kyojin is probably one of the best anime ever made. Eren and the Sparrow is a question that arose with the end of the manga. As we know, created and illustrated by Hajime Isayama, the anime has an IMDb rating of 9/10. Regardless of the ratings, the show is well loved by fans and critics alike. There is hardly any anime fan who hasn’t seen this hit show of 2013. Since their launch, the anime and manga have been getting a lot of recognition.

So far, 4 seasons of the anime have been released, with the second part of the fourth season ending recently in April. Season 4 Part 2 is the penultimate season of the show. Shortly after the airing of the final episode of Part Two of Season 4, MAPPA announced that the highly popular show will be ending with the release of Season 3 of Season 4 next year in 2023.

What does the bird mean at the end of its attack on Titan?

Many anime fans already know the ending and this article is mostly focused on this audience but feel free to follow along. But I will warn you that this part will contain some major spoilers, so read at your own risk.

It all started after the release of the final chapter of Attack on Titan manga on April 9, 2021. Fans were left confused about a single manga as the end neared.

As we know, Eren died, yes he died at the hands of Mikasa. Three years have passed since Roar, we see Mikasa sitting under the tree where she and Eren used to take a break while they were in the woods. Mikasa had buried Eren under that tree. This scene is very poetic, the tree, where it all began for Eren and Mikasa, becomes the place where it all ends for them.

Eren and the bird explained
Eren Yeager

Armin, Reiner, Connie, Jean, and Beck are returning to the island on a boat when Armin notices a bird above them flying in the same direction. Returning to Mikasa, she is deeply saddened by Eren’s death. Mikasa only hopes to see Eren again. The bird appears in front of Mikasa and wraps the scarf Eren gave her around her. Seeing this, Mikasa becomes emotional and thinks that it was Eren who came in bird form to offer Mikasa an invitation one last time.

The hidden meaning behind Eren and the Sparrow

The hidden meaning behind the portrayal of Eren as a bird is freedom. From the start, all Eren wanted was freedom. He wanted to live freely without any restrictions, and to roam freely without any fear of the Titans. Eren sets out to achieve his only goal. He makes sure to do everything to gain his freedom. In doing so, he becomes something he hated all his life. As a result, his life ends tragically. But being a bird, Eren is free. He is free to do whatever he wants and go wherever he wants. So the representation of Eren as a bird is, after all, the most poetic thing Isayama has done in the entire manga.

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