Evangelion Collab starts with PUBG Mobile on May 14th – Benefit


The Collab includes the skin of Shinji Ikari, and the “Core Circle” survival battle mode against the sixth angel

that Evangelion Collaboration with PUBG Mobile will be launched worldwide On May 14, it gave players the opportunity to purchase the skin of a Shinji Ikari suit for their characters. The game’s Japanese Twitter account previewed the figure below:

In addition, the “Core Circle” survival battle mode featuring Unit 01 and the Sixth Angel will be launched on the Erangel map on May 19. the enemy.

The game previewed the collaboration in the May patch notes video (starting at 4:39):

The online multiplayer battle royale game has teamed up with several video games and animation franchises in recent years, including Jujutsu Kisen And sakura wars.

[Via Minna no Eva Fan blog]

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