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The Pokemon Anime is not known for showing off its game heroes. Of the 26 known playable characters in the main series, only 10 of them appeared in the main anime; That’s less than half of them. This fraction gets smaller even when calculating the main characters from the pop-up games, and some of them You have It appeared in the anime. Given how rare these characters are, it’s always a welcome surprise when they actually appear. With that in mind, here’s a look at all the times player characters have appeared in the anime.

To keep things as simple as possible, a few rules will be observed. Ansar only so Pokemon Legends: Arceus It will be covered. This is primarily a quest for heroes in the main anime; It may appear in other animated media, but it won’t confirm its existence in the same Ash continuity. However, special episodes, movies, and other media directly related to the anime will be counted. Games in which the player characters are Pokémon will also not count; from a path They are in the anime. The characters from the episodic games will be discussed only briefly; The number of casual characters present is less than the number of base string characters. Competing characters will not be covered as most of them are unplayable. With all that in mind, here’s where to watch these characters in action.


Starting with Kanto, there are four playable characters from the main games. Red is the protagonist pokemon red, blue, yellow, fire red, And green leaf. Leaf has also been officially introduced as a playable character in firered And green leaf. It should be noted that Green, although she bears a striking resemblance to Leaf, is not the same person, so she is not considered a playable character. Chase and Elaine are heroes Pokemon: Let’s go, Pikachu! And Let’s go, Evie! Retrospective continuity has given the Kantō region a host of heroes.

While Red never appears in the proper anime, it is widely known that Ash is meant to represent him; The two share a lot of Pokemon, including Charizard, Pikachu, and Snorlax. On the other hand, Leaf has no anime counterparts, nor Chase or Elaine. Depending on how one looks at Ash, Kanto’s representation is either really good or really bad.


Johto’s acting is a little weird. Ethan, the male protagonist Gold, silver, crystal and gold And silver spiritAppears in the made-for-TV movie Thunder legend! However, his name was changed to Jimmy. What’s more, another Ethan appears in Zurwark: Master of Illusions Movie; His clothes are not based solely on his clothes heart of gold And silver spirit The outfit, but it’s actually Ethan’s name too. Apparently, Ethan and Jimmy, while based on the same character, are two separate people.

Johto’s female heroines are Kris and Lyra. Kris also appears in Thunder legend! Like Ethan, Chris’ name was changed to Marina. Besides the movie, she also appeared in the opening sequence of Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the SeaBeside diamonds and pearls Episodes 10, 41 and 62.

It could be said that Lyra had the most impressive display of Johto’s heroes. Not only did Ash and her co-workers meet. at diamonds and pearls Episode 143 “An Egg Stampede!” But she traveled with them until Episode 147, “Kiss, Then Tagged!” Next to Ash and his traveling companions, this is the most time the protagonist spends on screen.


Hoenn features May and Brendan as the hero Pokemon Ruby, Emerald Sapphire, Omega Ruby And Alpha Sapphire. Brendan only made a short appearance at the beginning of some movies, specifically Jirachi: Wish MakerAnd Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the SeaAnd Giratina and Sky Warrior. He didn’t have any talking lines at all, but seeing him in the anime was still great.

May was somewhat of a media pioneer. She was the first heroine to become one of Ash’s long-term traveling companions. I’ve stuck with Ash throughout his Hoenn journey and Battle Frontier challenge.

After Hoenn, Mai appeared infrequently throughout the anime. reappeared diamonds and pearls Episodes 75 to 79 for the Wallace Cup; It is noteworthy that it has changed its origin ruby And sapphire her outfit emerald outfit for her comeback. She has also made cameo appearances in black and white Episode 142 and Trips Episode 105. She also has notable roles in J . filmsirachi: Wish Maker, Destiny Deoxys, Lucario, and Mystery of Mew, And Pokemon Ranger and Sea Temple; She had a cameo at the end of the credits I chose you! This is one of the most impressive performances for any game hero.


The Snow District introduced Dawn and Lucas, heroes Pokemon Diamonds, pearls, platinum, brilliant diamonds And bright pearl; Lucas only appeared once Giratina and Sky Warrior As Brendan’s opponent. As short as this look was, it put up a good fight. It is also worth noting that Ash’s clothing in this region is very similar to that of Lucas.

Dawn more than made up for Lucas’ absence. She was Ash’s companion in traveling all over Snoah. As such, she’s also featured prominently in films The rise of Darkrai, Giratina, Sky Warrior, Arceus and The Jewel of Life, And Zurwark: Master of Illusions. Like May, she also appeared in the final credits list for I chose you! came back for black and white Episodes 85 to 93, plus the same fantasy as May in episode 142. Also featured in Trips Episodes 74-75 and 89-90, as well as the special “Arceus, Who Called God”. This not only makes her one of the protagonists with the most screen time but also the most frequent.


Unfortunately, heroes became much rarer starting with the fifth generation. The district of Onova Hilbert and Hilda was supposed to appear in Pokemon Black And white Or Nate and Rosa Pokemon Black 2 And white 2. None of these heroes appear in the anime, although Ash’s costume is somewhat similar to Hilbert’s.


Kalos offers a much better view than Unova. Unfortunately, Calim is not in this series either, although Ash’s outfits are very similar to his. Serena made up for this by being all over y Animation and movies. She also reappeared Trips Episode 105 and the end of the credits I chose you! She has become a fan favorite, so Kalos can definitely be considered a properly actress.


Unfortunately, none of the heroes of Alola, Pokemon Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun And und Ultra Moon It appeared in the anime. Ash was dressed like Elio the whole time The sun and the moon, but that’s it. Additionally, neither Elio nor Selene has been spotted.


None of the heroes Sword And shield has also been seen. This is supposed to be related Pokemon Journeys Being a chain of tours around the world rather than being closed to a specific area, which is Galar. Consequently, Ash does not have a special occasion to meet either Victor or Gloria. He is not dressed like before.


Rei made a surprise appearance at the end of the “Arceus, The One Called God” special. He is seen making pokeballs in the village of Gubilev, then set out to explore the wilderness of Hisui with Roulette, Sindawil, and Oshot. It’s not much, but it’s more than just a lot of player characters, including Akari from the same game.

Spin Off Games

Snap from pokemon snap Fame made several major appearances in the early anime. He traveled with Ash and his mates. From Episode 55, “Pokémon Paparazzi!,” through Episode 57, “The Breeding Center Secret.” He appeared again in episode 187, “The Motion Pictures”. No one has seen him since.

Many main characters from Pokemon Ranger The game series also appeared in the anime, especially Solana, the heroine of the first game. She appeared for a total of five episodes. It first appeared in sapphire and sapphire Episode 155 “The Green Guardian” as well as the two-part “Pokémon Ranger – Deoxys’ Crisis” episode. She also made the inscription in the Japanese opening Explode! and opening Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea. She’s back for another two-part episode in diamonds and pearlsEpisodes 71 and 72 “Pokemon Ranger and the Kidnapper Ryulu!For a character from an episodic game, it’s well represented.

Kellyn, playboy Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of AlmiaHe was the main guard who appeared in episodes 71 and 72 of diamonds and pearls. His job was to protect special Riolu from Hunter J. It was a rather interesting episode, which made it perfect for showing Kellyn in action.

Ben, the male protagonist Pokemon Ranger: Guardian MarksI also got special treatment. First, it appeared in diamonds and pearls Episode 169 “Pokémon Ranger: Heatran Rescue!” Shortly thereafter, he appeared on a two-part special based on early events from his game.

These are the only spin-off characters who are explicitly featured in the main anime. Except for the Rangers listed, Lunick (Pokemon Ranger), Kate (water shadows), summer (Guardian Marks) are all absent. Since they are all episodic games, it is highly unlikely that they will ever be featured in the main series.

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