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The following article contains major spoilers for the first three seasons of Westworld.

There are quite a few sci-fi series that continue to operate on a prestige scale Westworld Do. For three seasons, the HBO series has asked intriguing questions about artificial intelligence, androids, and society’s growing dependence on technology. Westworld’s The name itself comes from the theme park where the plot begins, a wild west themed adventure full of excitement and danger. Although the show’s plot has left the park world behind, it stemmed from the look of the series — thanks in large part to Arnold Weber, co-founder of the android “hosts” that keep the park running.

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Much of Arnold’s history is shrouded in mystery, but he holds the keys to the inner workings of the garden and Westworld as a string. With the new season approaching this year, it is a good time for viewers to get to know this vital character.

“The Creator” is the name given to Akecheta, a first-generation host and one of the first androids to achieve awareness, Weber with Westworld’s The first season. Webber and creative partner Dr. Robert Ford (played by award-winning actor Anthony Hopkins) designed and created Westworld Park, including surplus hosts. While the two worked together for many years, they split over a core issue. Arnold wanted the hosts to eventually gain awareness, to think and act for themselves outside of the texts that were written for them. Ford, on the other hand, wanted nothing of the sort, seeing the hosts as pure entertainment for real and lively visitors to the park. While developing the hosts at Westworld, Arnold becomes deeply attached to them, especially Dolores Abernathy (Evan Rachel Wood), with whom he spends several hours talking at a research facility under Westworld Park. He sees sweet Dolores as a surrogate child, filling the hole left by his biological son, who died tragically.

Arnold is described as having a “special relationship” with the hosts, likely due to his great interest in their development. In his quest to create consciousness, Arnold coined terms and theories. His “pyramid theory” attempted to show the basic building blocks of human consciousness, with the primary layer related to memory, then improvisation and self-interest. The top piece was left blank, as Arnold wasn’t sure which piece was missing. His only idea was known as “The Bicameral Mind”, using the host’s programming to mimic human thought, in the hopes that their own thoughts would eventually take over, and be on their way to self-actualization.

Only a few hosts have experienced this, one of them being Dolores. Dolores is told that “Labyrinth” is a game that will help her find joy. Arnold began to see the path to human consciousness as a ball in a maze game, and if he used the right programming and words, he could lead Dolores through it. Fans who finished the first season of the show will know that Arnold was successful in his teachings, and not only did Dolores find her own consciousness, she made it her mission to help the other hosts and fight for her rights.

Webber is heartbroken when Ford allows Delos Incorporated — the eventual financier of Westworld — to enter into the park deals. In an effort to save the hosts from decades of suffering, Webber devises a plan with Dolores to kill every host within the park, then kill herself. Arnold is successful in his plot, and he is killed by Dolores before the park can be opened to the public. However, he is unsuccessful in his mission to prevent Westworld from operating. In fact, the park was thriving, opened 34 years ago at the beginning Westworld’s The first season. Arnold’s death left its mark on Dr. Ford, though it left guilt torn and ashamed.

Arnold Weber shares many similarities with the other Westworld Character: Bernard Lowe. when Westworld Begins, the audience is introduced to Bernard in his first few moments. Lowe is Westworld’s Chief Behavior Officer, responsible for training, updating, and diagnosing park hosts. Bernard and his teammates are the first to encounter problems with the homeowners that begin at the start of season one.

Bernard also develops a close relationship with Dr. Ford, but it leads to a shocking and heartbreaking conclusion. Towards the end of Season 1, it was revealed that Bernard is very similar to Arnold because he was actually modeled after the deceased investor. Driven by the intense guilt Ford felt over Webber’s death, Bernard devised a way to see the vision he had. At the end of the Westworld’s In season one, the garden front cracks, and Arnold’s theories come true.

While the show has expanded after Webber, it still carries traces of him throughout, and it would be great to see how those traces appear in the show’s fourth season.

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