everything you need to know about their probable return this Sunday


Six years later, the S-Crew is set to make a comeback. Many tracks indicate in any case a first event this Sunday.

Concrete, finally. Almost six years after the release of Linked destinies, second album of the S-Crew, the Parisian collective should indeed be back. And it is via a communication that is both mysterious and spectacular that the first clues were cleverly dispersed on Monday. Flocked posters of the Seine Zoo Records logo have appeared in several French cities. And these displayed the sober mention: szr2001.

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S-Crew: six years later

The shortcut is quite quick, since 2001 marks the date of the creation of the S-Crew. It’s also a gimmick that comes up regularly in the lyrics of the members of the group: “S-Crew, 2001, Baby”. All day long, the hypotheses were therefore linked to try to discover what this new large-scale communication campaign contained. The answer came at the end of the day.

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Indeed, a secret site has emerged on the web: szr2001. On this one, there are two counts, the first of which will end this Sunday at 10:22 p.m. precisely. The other, the next day, at noon. It is now up to the community of the collective to speculate around these events. Maybe Sunday night will announce the release of a track, which will be released the next day. Or maybe it will be a date. So many assumptions.

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In any case, it is now almost certain: the S-Crew has planned to return. It could be the Ile-de-France collective’s third album, after Seine Zoo in 2013 and Linked destinies in 2016. Also, it will obviously be for the community of the group, the opportunity to find the so discreet Nekfeu. The author of The wandering stars has not been heard from for almost three years now. Will it be the occasion to finally discover the clip shot in Belgium?

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