Explaining the end of the movie Men: The Struggles That Follow


All about the movie guys
All about the movie guys

One of the latest movies, guys, is a movie that everyone should watch. It focuses on the current generation and its ideologies about the distinction between men and women. The movie, guys, has many lessons for all of us with every incident that happens with Harper. Its name, Men, refers to the power of men in our society over women and also people who criticize women for all the misbehavior with males. Even the end of the movie gives us a very important message about blaming and moving forward.

This horror movie raises many questions in the minds of its viewers as it contains hidden messages that highlight one of the most important issues. Even after watching it, you may have many questions in your mind. What is the main story of the movie? What happened in the end? What does the end of man symbolize? Who are the cast and crew of this horror movie? What are its UK and US release dates? This blog contains brief answers to all of these questions as well as other important things you should know about the movie’s plot.

The story of men

The men’s story revolves around a woman named Harper who decides to go on vacation after her ex-husband James committed suicide. She divorced her husband due to his frequent emotional outbursts. But this vacation turned into a nightmare for her because she encountered something very unusual there. She met the owner of her rented house, Jeffrey. When she picked an apple from the apple tree to eat, Jeffrey pointed out that it was a forbidden fruit she should not eat.

As Harper was passing through the woods, she encountered a naked man following her. This naked man chased her the whole time, and even tried to enter her house. I called the police and they arrested him. But the police told Harper that they should release him because there was no evidence of this. Harper also met a young boy and vicar in the church. She couldn’t even send her address to Riley due to service issues.

Explanation of the completed men's movie
Men movie poster

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Explanation of the movie Men Ending

After the frightening events, Harper saw the policeman in the yard transform into the little boy she met while the light was flashing. She defends herself with the help of a knife and also breaks a window. But Jeffrey told her that the window had been shattered by a crow. Going to the yard, Jeffrey turns into the Naked Man and starts chasing after her again. Harper stabs his arm. The boy and the priest also appeared with the same injury afterwards. While the priest was teasing her, she stabbed him and walked away.

After the car accident, the naked man approaches Harper with serious injuries and she turns back to all the men she saw there. He finally turned into James. Harper asks him what he wants and he says he wants her love. She refuses. Riley comes there after some time and Harper is smiling in the yard.

Men harassing Harper symbolizes blaming women for all men’s activities. It was Harper’s mind that wouldn’t let her move on and was making her feel guilty for things she wasn’t responsible for. The smile at the end indicates that Harper has now crossed the other peaceful end after facing all the shocks.

Scene from the movie
Scene from the movie “Men”

More about the movie

Men is a popular drama and horror movie with a duration of 1 hour and 40 minutes. This movie was recently released on May 20, 2022 in the United States. It will be released in the UK on June 1, 2022. Alex Garland is the director and writer of Men. The film’s production credits go to Andrew Macdonald and Allon Reich. Jesse Buckley and Rory Kinnear play the main roles of Harper Marlowe and Jeffrey, respectively in the film. A24 and DNA Films are the respective production companies. It received mostly positive comments from critics as well as viewers.

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