Explanation of Asta Swords from Black Clover


Asta and his swords
Asta and his swords

When Asta obtained the grimoire, the only thing he could do was give him a sword that could cancel any magic attack or spell. Then we had to see Asta grow strong, and the grimoire followed. It took a long time for Asta to become the central character of the anime. So this time, we will take some time to explain Asta swords and how they work.

At first, it was just an empty huge blade with no special properties at all. Asta was the weakest mage in the series when he started, even though he had trained his body pretty well. But all of this was because he couldn’t use any magic spells, and he knew that from the start.

This resulted in Asta becoming what he is today with a body that is already physically ready. It was very easy for Asta to use his sword despite its size. Black Clover is one of the anime with groundbreaking developments. We all know that in most of the anime, the main characters usually go through any situation they might encounter.

But for Asta, it wasn’t obvious from the start because we had no idea how Asta would do this without any magic. This is one of the things that makes watching anime like Black Clover so worthwhile, as the main character seems to have near-zero chances of achieving what they want to achieve.

But did you know that there are a lot of interesting things about Asta swords that you might not have realized until this point? So we’ll also be looking at some facts about Asta’s swords along the way just to see how the creators of this great anime and manga did it.

Asta swords explanation

The first thing to look at when talking about Asta swords will be its name and how it works. When we got to know his name in the first place. Asta’s sword was introduced into the Demon Slayer Sword. This did not make sense at the time.

Asta's sword and demon slayer
Asta’s sword and demon slayer

But with the development of the anime, we got to know the demons and their power. Then it all tied together, and we also saw Asta’s grimoire evolve and get to the point where he got another sword. So when this happened, Asta came to take the swords of Damon Doyler and Demon Destroyer. The Demon Dweller Sword was able to absorb mana and use it at the user’s will. Meanwhile, the Demon Destroyer Sword could cancel magic. His development went further in the manga when Yami gave him another katana whose name we don’t get yet.

What was even more interesting was when Licht (Patolli), who uses light magic, obtained a Demon Slayer and used it as if it was his original weapon. He showed his mastery of the Demon Destroying Sword and also commented that it was a sword from a different world.

At that time, we would not have understood his words, and until the Devil Bow came, his words made sense. We also learned that there is a lower realm from which demons come. That one was planning to open the gates and connect the underworld to the real world. Then when Asta had to train and perfect his powers, we also learned more about demons and how the underworld works.


Asta always summoned his swords from an open grimoire, where they were usually stored in writing form. This act does not consume any magical powers. So since Asta had no charms at all, it was a perfect thing for him. Another interesting thing about Asta’s sword is the demon slayer sword, which he first obtained with a grimoire. He can now use it to fly around, and we’ve also seen him communicate with her as if she had a will of her own.

The truth behind Asta and his swords

At the moment, the origin of Asta is one of the interesting mysteries in the anime. And since Asta was little, he was left in an orphanage, and that’s where he grew up at this point.

Interestingly, he doesn’t seem to have any inclinations towards learning more about where he came from or who his real parents might be. Instead, he wants to prove to the world that although he doesn’t have magic. He could still become the Sorcerer King.

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