Fans find Numa Noma song on 20-year-old’s Xbox


The original 20-year-old Xbox console serves as a kind of time capsule, containing one of the biggest meme songs of the time.

Memes has been a part of the internet for almost its time. They used to take different forms, of course, and there were fewer in the early days of the internet.

One of the first memes to reach maximum popularity, which came long before the infamous Rick Roll, is the Numa Numa song. Not to be confused with Call of Duty: Vanguard The Noma Noma map, the song was ubiquitous on the internet in the early 2000s, due to the combination of a viral video that took it off in the English-speaking world, and the natural appeal of the tune. Lots of people loved it, in fact, some even made an effort to add it to their personal playlists, and that apparently includes one original Xbox console.

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Redditor LowDrag_82 showed the dashboard of the 20-year-old classic Xbox at this point. By browsing through the system files, they showed that there is custom music being loaded on the system. The browser detected many songs saved by artist O-Zone, including Dragostia Den TThe actual title of the song “Numa Noma”. The files are still in good condition, and the user has shown them by starting Numa Numa.

For anyone not in the know, Numa Numa got its start in 2004, when a recording of netizen Gary Prolsma dancing to the song made waves. The meme was called “Numa Numa” due to it being one of the few words that English speakers were able to identify, as the song is in Romanian. The original Numa Numa meme has 60 million views on YouTube, and since it was around before the platform gained popularity, it saw a huge amount of circulation outside of YouTube on sites like Newgrounds. Needless to say, most people using the Internet at the turn of the century will probably remember the catchy tune and funny video.

Fans in the comments marveled at the discovery, enjoying that someone might have trouble putting the song on Xbox. Getting custom files on most consoles wasn’t the easiest thing back in the day, so someone went through quite a bit of trouble to do that. The presence of additional songs raises the possibility that the previous owner may have already enjoyed O-Zone’s music regardless of the iconic meme, but that’s something he’ll probably never know.

This old Xbox serves as a kind of time capsule, a glimpse into the popular memes of the time. Perhaps in the years after now, players will find songs like “never give upOr Smash Mouth’sall Starson the latest systems.

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