FBI Season 4 Episode 22: Release Date & Preview


Fbi Season 4 Episode 22
Fbi Season 4 Episode 22

In Episode 22 of Season 4 of Dick Wolf, we come to the end of the season! We do it with a blast. First, the crime procedural drama is adrenaline-pumping and ends with the drama as the team pursues a cache of illegal weapons used to commit murders. And in the process, they aim to make some arrests to prevent more deaths.

The upcoming episode concludes Season 4 of the FBI and will conclude the character’s story arcs for regular characters, as expected. Make sure to check out the action packed trailer that we have included for you. Now, without further ado, let’s start with the synopsis of the next episode for the last one.

FBI series season 4 episode 22 with subtitles
It’s the next episode

FBI Season 4 Episode 21

A retired DEA special agent, Thomas Weber, is assassinated outside a bakery. Webber was a decent man. A competent agent. Retire as soon as his pension becomes available. He didn’t have enough time to enjoy it before he was killed in plain sight, and no one saw anything that could help him.

Witnesses said the shooter was wearing a mask. He had similarly disappeared before they could tell which direction he had left. However, the FBI agent in charge of the case was not sure if Webber’s murder was related to his past cases or his current field of work. Webber was working as a bouncer. He worked in the restaurant sector “Palace Show”.

the night before

The night before Webber was murdered, there was a brawl in a strip club. Webber is forced to evict a man who has become hostile to one of the girls and claims to be her boyfriend. Webber continued to show the door to this man. The FBI obtained a video of the incident and went in search of the alleged friend.

He was later identified as Rover Boggs. Boggs attempted to escape when they presented themselves as the FBI, so they had to follow him and detain him before finding out that Boggs had an excuse for time of death. They can’t be armed. As a result, the FBI concluded that Boggs had nothing to do with what happened.


This was proven when a second murder occurred. The church janitor was shot and killed this time. A witness to the murder reported that someone was wearing a mask. The attacker used the same gun with the two victims and tied the murders together. No one knew just how the two victims were tied up at first. The DEA agent and guard were not on the same level. Gopal’s crew continued to search for any plausible connection, and eventually found one. Both victims were scheduled to testify at a high-profile trial against LS-19. Webber was the lead investigator on the case, and he was expected to testify as such.

the abyss

The janitor worked as an auto technician when he discovered a cache of drugs in the LS-19. As he would have testified about it. Both men were about to testify against one of the gang’s top leaders. So they had to be killed to prevent this. Gopal summoned all those involved in the case and alerted them. They were all held in protective custody while the case was being processed. However, the FBI also needed to find the shooter. They knew who had hired him. Kayla Marsh stepped in when they only needed access to his phone to confirm he had taken the job. Marsh has had access to the phone since she worked with the suspect.

FBI series season 4 episode 22 with subtitles
What will happen in the last episode?

Find the culprit

Trey Cooper was later revealed as the actual gunman. He was another member of LS-19. He also happens to be Marsh’s lover. She didn’t want him to know she was back on drugs because he refused to – that guy’s boyfriend. Trey was in close contact with the former suspect.

FBI Season 4 Episode 22 Release Date

FBI Season 4 Episode 22 will be released on Tuesday, May 24, 2022, on CBS at 21:00 p.m. ET, United States. The title of the episode is “Prodigal Son” directed by Alex Chapel from a script written by Dick Wolf and Craig Turk. This is the last episode of the season.

FBI series season 4 episode 22 with subtitles

FBI Series Season 4 Episode 22 Online

The FBI broadcasts every Tuesday at 21:00 ET, United States. You can do it from CBS website If you want to broadcast the show. Also, the show is available from Paramount+ as a stand-alone platform or as an add-on on your Amazon Prime, Fubo Tv, PlutoTV, and Spectrum on Demand subscription. Finally, you can buy or rent the software from Amazon Direct Video, Apple iTunes, and Vudu Fandango.

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