Filming locations under the sky flag: all locations revealed


poster under the sky banner
poster under the sky banner

There are some movies or series that are largely psychological in addition to being virtual. Under The Banner Of Heaven is one such mini-series that has a lot of mystery and drama. While the story itself should be good, another aspect that helps create the aura is the filming locations, which is why we will be looking at the filming locations for Under The Banner Of Heaven.

Under The Banner Of Heaven is an American television drama series about true crime and psychological mystery. It has an impressive rating of 7.4 out of 10 according to IMDb. It is based on Jon Krakauer’s non-fiction book of the same name. Although it is a short horror series, it contains many beautiful and horrific scenes.

Where was Under The Banner Of Heaven filmed? What is all about this series? How many episodes are there in this short series and what are the release dates? Who are the cast and crew of the TV show? What is the main story of this series? This blog contains all the answers to these questions and everything you need to know about them.

Filming locations under the banner of the sky

Under The Banner Of Heaven was filmed entirely in Alberta, Canada. More specifically, the mystery series’ filming locations are Calgary, Carstairs, and many other Canadian places.

The city of Calgary was the most important production site for this show. In Calgary, most of the outdoor scenes were filmed on Stephen Street in the downtown area. This area is mainly known for the cafes, pubs, bars, palace theater and restaurants there. The Palace Theater is the centerpiece of this area’s century-old live music venue. Also, in the collections, neon-lit signs and vintage-look outdoor vehicles were used to make it look like the 80s.

Palace Theatre, Calgary

The series also contains some scenes that take place in Alberta government centers or regional locations, such as parks or ecological protected areas. McDougall Center and Crossfield City are other important Calgary locations that appear in episodes of the TV series.

The main highlight of the chain, the church, is St. Peter’s Anglican Church at 903 75 Avenue South West. Places from Carstairs used in mini-series are McCrimmon Drive and its environs, Chinook Winds Seniors Lodge, Gough Road, Carstairs Curling Club and many more. Some of the other locations for filming include Drumheller Town, Didsbury Town, Badlands, and Strathmore Town.

Filming location under the sky flag
Filming location under the sky flag

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More about the series

The mini-series premiered April 28, 2022 on FX on Hulu, with a running time of approximately one hour per episode. It contains a total of 7 episodes, of which four have already come out. Episode five of Under The Banner Of Heaven will premiere on May 19, 2022, and the next two episodes will air on May 26 and June 2, 2022. The series’ production credits will go to Leslie Cowan and Brian Dennis.

Dustin Lance Black is the creator of this series. The film’s lead cast includes Andrew Garfield, Sam Worthington, Daisy Edger Jones, Dennis Gough, Wyatt Russell, Billy Howell, Chloe Perry, Seth Numrich, Adelaide Clemens, Rory Culkin, Sandra Sekatt, and Jill Birmingham. Aggregate Films, FX Productions, and Imagine Entertainment are the respective production companies.

A story under the banner of heaven

The story of Under The Banner Of Heaven is based on a shocking investigation. The investigation follows the murder case of a Mormon mother and her infant daughter. Also, the case appears to be related to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This investigation witnessed so many strange events and revelations that it shook the investigator. It mainly tests the faith of the devout detective, Job Pyre, due to his connections with the Utah family whirlpool and their lack of trust in the government.

Scene from under the banner of the sky
Scene from under the banner of the sky

Even the slogan for the TV series “Murder Beyond Faith” describes how religions have been broken. Watch the episodes to learn more about Mormons and find out what’s weird about the issue that shattered religions.

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