Final Fantasy 14 fans believe the game needs to improve accessibility options for color-blind players


last week, Final Fantasy 14 He issued a strong statement in which he made it clear that third-party tools of all kinds are prohibited. While some MMO games, world of cans Being one of the excellent examples, it allows plugins that can change UI elements, Final Fantasy 14 Strongly opposed to all modifications. A serious problem arose from this thread, however. color blind Final Fantasy 14 Players say the MMO does not have proper access options, so third-party software is currently the only solution available.

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A popular post on the FFXIV subreddit from user ReviloD18 recently drew attention. ReviloD18 refers to two different encounters, dungeon encounter and raid encounters, that specifically create problems for certain types of color-blind players. They even create custom images to show how the mechanics of each encounter blend with each other. Its long and short is that color blind Final Fantasy 14 Players are unable to distinguish the deadly mechanics either from the environment or from the abilities of the allies.

After providing examples of how to do this Final Fantasy 14 For color blindness triggers, ReviloD18 offers some solutions. The “easy” solution that ReviloD18 mentions is to stop using colors that translate poorly for color-blind players. Using yellow and blue, for example, would translate better to a large number of color blindness triggers. However, given the variety of types of color blindness, it makes sense to offer multiple color options for ability.

The second option that ReviloD18 offers is the customizable coloring of UI elements, allowing color-blind players to make their own choices. Players can select the widget type from a dropdown menu, for example, opening a color wheel from which players can choose their preferences. This is a much more complex system, requiring color-blind gamers to do a lot of trial and error, but which will eventually end up performing much better for the entire color-blind community.

There is a third option, of course, but at this point it seems untenable. This third option is to allow some third-party tools, since there are already options that fix problems with color blindness Final Fantasy 14The worst confrontations. It will probably require less investment than the new accessibility options within the game, but it can also hurt Final Fantasy 14security.

It is increasingly expected in 2022 that AAA game releases will feature a variety of accessibility options. Final Fantasy 14 It’s now more than a decade old, a time when accessibility problems were less of a focus than they are now. That’s not an excuse, it’s just how the point was reached. With many expansions and updates like Final Fantasy 14 Since then, surprisingly, Square Enix hasn’t done more for accessibility. We hope that ReviloD18’s efforts will help make the necessary changes to preserve it Final Fantasy 14 MMO game for everyone.

Final Fantasy 14 Now available on PC, PS4 and PS5.

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