Finally, PNL continues its tour without a first part


DTF had to temporarily withdraw from the first part of the PNL tour. The group apparently has no plans to replace them.

The PNL tour continues, and this Wednesday, May 11, the two brothers presented themselves in Dijon. A performance once again dazzling, which nevertheless raised some questions upstream: will a first part be assured? As a reminder, the day before, DTF had announced its temporary withdrawal from the tour. If no reason had been given by the group, it is likely that RKM, who had held his rank on a chair in Nantes, was injured in the bus accident of the tour last Sunday.

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If several rumors have foreseen new faces for the first part, like Moha MMZ, finally, the organization was obviously too sudden. In Dijon, no first part was assured, and only PNL appeared on stage from 9 p.m. It should be, barring surprises, the same for Strasbourg, this Friday May 12, then Toulouse, May 14 and 15.

For its part, DTF had anticipated its return to the first part for Lyon, on May 18. “NOTWe will surely be back for the Lyon family date, they explained. We’ll be back even stronger“. Also: PNL: Ademo and NOS bring their third brother on stage.

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