Former Australian cricketer Andrew Symonds dies aged 46 in car crash


Former Australian cricketer Andrew Symonds dies

Former Australian cricketer Andrew Symonds died in a car accident last night at the age of 46. The brutal accident occurred near Townsville in northeastern Australia. Australian journalists confirmed on Sunday morning the news of the cricketer’s departure. They released an official statement on their website that includes a police statement and full details of the incident.

Following the cricket star’s death, Australian cricket chief Lachlan Henderson released a statement saying: “We have lost our other best player.” Fans are paying homage to the legend through their social media handles.

Andrew Symonds is widely known for his non-progressive bowling. He was outstanding and exceptional in the fields. Definitely one of the best talents of his generation. The cricket world has lost some of Australia’s biggest stars recently, Dean Jones, Shane Warren and now Andrew Symonds.

In a statement issued by the Queensland Police Department, “The accident occurred while he was driving on Harvey Range Road near the Alice River Bridge. The vehicle lost its balance and ran off the road resulting in his death. He was the only person in that vehicle. Police are investigating the case.”

Andrew Symonds dies
Andrew Symonds

All About Andrew Symonds: His Career

Andrew Syndrom has played 198 ODIs in his career and is known for scoring around six centuries and 30 remarkable half centuries. He has been an allrounder and has earned 133 small spots in his international career in ODI. The star is known for easy-to-use and medium-speed bowling. However, he is best known for his exploits in white ball cricket.

Andrew averaged 40.61 scores in 26 really impressive Test cricket matches. His 143* win against Pakistan in the 2003 World Cup continues to thrill the crowd. Former Pakistan cricketer Shoaib Akhtar paid tribute to the late cricketer via his Twitter account, saying, “It is a pleasure to hear about Andrew Symonds.”

The ICC has also taken Twitter in honor of the star the world has lost but the star will always be in people’s hearts. We salute the legendary cricketer, may God have mercy on him.

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