Former Doctor Who Sylvester McCoy Welcomes Ncuti Gatwa In New Video


Former Doctor Who star Sylvester McCoy extends a warm welcome to Ncuti Gatwa, the actor who will take on the role after Jodie Whittaker.

Ncuti Gatwa, the recently picked and chosen actor to be the next incarnation of The Doctor on Doctor fromShare his emotional reaction to Sylvester McCoy’s touching welcome message. It was confirmed that Gatwa will take on the role of Doctor Who from Jodi Whitaker shortly after her tenure ended later in the year.

Gatwa is best known for his role as Eric in the hit Netflix teen drama series, sex education. The announcement of who will play the next version of the iconic Doctor Who finally arrives after months of fans leaving speculating and guessing about who the next contender will likely be. Most notably, Hugh Grant, Olly Alexander, Lydia West, and even ex-star David Tennant have all had their names dropped when it comes to rumors surrounding who will be first in line to be next. Doctor from. Although no fans could have expected Gatwa to land the role and his name was pretty much missing in most conversations, he was accepted and celebrated with an outpouring of love. The actor is expected to bring in a younger audience due to his steady fan base from his time sex education. Although the Netflix series got a lot of enthusiasm and passion from audiences in the beginning, the ratings have been declining over the past few years.

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Hopefully, with Gatwa taking over the legendary Doctor, he can simultaneously attract more fans to him sex education for the upcoming seasons. The start of Gatwa’s starring role in the popular science fiction series also coincides with an epic return to the former. Doctor from Showrunner Russell T Davis – appeared in the director’s chair. Davis was responsible for reviving the series in 2005. He led the show until Doctor Tennant X was replaced by Matt Smith – responsible for what many fans consider the show’s “golden age.” Now, in a video originally shared on Instagram, Gatwa took a moment to respond to the massive support he has given him Doctor fromThe Seventh Doctor, Sylvester McCoy

McCoy has recorded a video wishing Gatwa’s congratulations, in which he also tells Gatwa that he is officially part of the cast of actors who have previously played Time Lord. In response, Gatua stated that McCoy’s support, as well as encouragement from the former Doctor from Cast members, “Fill him with strength that I will be able to take on the role.” He added, “Thank you for welcoming me into the family, it means the world. Sylvester, you are such a gentleman. The best of me.”

As he says it, Gatwa suggests and puts his hand on his heart almost as if reviving the great legend. Getting such a warm hug from the likes of Sylvester is a very big honor, and Gatwa seems to feel and know this deeply. In time, fans will see how Gatwa ends up in a position to turn around Doctor from.

Doctor from Broadcast on BBC.

source: Sylvester McCoy / Twitter

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