Gacht slowly recovering from illness, aims to return this year – News


The singer still suffers from immunodeficiency, autoimmune diseases and other side effects

Talent management agency Glab Entertainment announced on the musician and singer’s official website jacket (Gakuto Ōshiro) on Monday that jacket He is recovering steadily physically and aims to slowly return to some activities in the entertainment industry during the year.

Glab Entertainment made this announcement with jacketapproval, as well as the Kyushu Center for Regenerative Medicine, the Kōgekai Medical Foundation, and the Syu Cell Clinic—a team of medical institutions that oversees jackettreatment.

Medical institutions noticed this jacketCurrent immunodeficiency and autoimmune status still affect jacket He has alopecia areata and is currently undergoing stem cell therapy. He also continues to have impaired liver and respiratory function, fever, pain, and poor use of the vocal cords.

jacket It was discontinued indefinitely in September due to an early onset of neurological disease that was progressing to a ‘life-threatening condition’ resulting in dysarthria (a voice disorder).

jacket He is the former vocalist of the group Visual K called Malice Mizer. In 1999, he left the band and made his solo debut. He has contributed theme songs to franchises like North Star FistAnd Final FantasyAnd mobile suit gundam. appeared in skate dance The anime plays a character modeled after himself, as he voiced the villainous character The Fiend With Twenty Faces in 2016 con man Japanese comics. He also played roles in such anime as ShikiAnd Tono to IsshoAnd Supernatural: Anime Series. Apart from his music and voice acting career, jacket She has also worked in a number of live and stage productions, including the live-action film based on Mini Maya‘s Tond Saitama (fly me to Saitama) The manga has a planned sequel.

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