Gamers Roast Activision Blizzard on the new ‘Diversity Space Tool’


Activision Blizzard recently promoted King Games’ new Diversity Space Tool, and players are quick to point out the hypocrisy in its creation.

trying to diversify, Activision Blizzard She revealed her new gadget made by King Games division. “With King_Games’ innovative Diversity Space Tool, the character design process now has a tangible way to avoid icons, stereotypes, and exclusion,” the developer said in his Twitter post revealing the new system. However, players were quick to notice some issues inherent in the design that seem counterintuitive to the intent of the tool.

“It is an important principle for us at King that all players feel welcome,” said Jacqueline Chomatas, Project Manager for King Globalization. “The goal is to inspire game teams not only in King but throughout the Activision Blizzard King Network to think outside the box and challenge preconceptions about how characters should look and act. As a result, we hope to create more characters that break the mold and represent women, non-binaries and other minorities. Better underrepresented in the industry.”

Players soon point out that their gadget appears to start with white men as the “virtual” and vary from there. The tool also appears to be designed to diversify games for developers rather than hiring a team that aims to ensure diversity in games. Perhaps most strikingly, despite the claim to avoid tokens, the diversity space tool applies a numerical value to factors such as race, gender, orientation, and culture.

Chomatas asserts that the tool blocks the token, looking specifically at traits that are typically applied to specific races, cultures, ethnicities, and other minority groups. Then developers can use these results to challenge standards with the goal of implementing true diversity in the game. “[The tool] It defines what stereotypical characters look like in different genres, which are not always the most favorable or representative of diversity,” Chomatas said. “It helps identify those stereotypes while also helping creators take a closer look at their designs, so they can analyze their assumptions and presets. It also helps identify opportunities to further narrate diverse characters, to ensure that we are not creating characters who are diverse in appearance only. “

Notably, the tool was designed in conjunction with diversity, equity, and inclusion experts. With the help of DE&I strategists, King Games built the tool to create a baseline of typical character traits and balance them with new character designs to gauge diversity. The tool can also reveal unconscious biases, such as why personality traits make others consider them “male” or “female” or why characters from certain racial or cultural backgrounds seem to share many commonalities in personality or behaviors.

In recent months, Activision Blizzard has been in the news due to an ongoing lawsuit against them by the California State DFEH over a “frat boy” culture that included sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace. Activision Blizzard co-founder Mike Morhaime has stated that he is “ashamed” of his failure to “protect” people of all races during his 28-year tenure at the company. The head of the company, c. Allen Brack, in August last year claimed that she was only “to pursue new opportunities”. Besides those lawsuits from the EEOC and DFEH, an anonymous Activision Blizzard employee filed a separate case last month for similar allegations against the company. It remains to be seen if the company’s new Diversity Space Tool improves the company’s public image over time.

source: Activision BlizzardTwitter

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