George Takei responds to Fox News headline saying Star Trek was never political

Star Trek Graduate George Takei called out an opinion piece for Fox News that claimed the iconic science fiction series was never political in telling its story.

Takei shared the headline on Twitter, written by columnist David Marcus, that read: “Star Trek authors take Starship Enterprise where they’ve never been before – wake up politics.” Takei responded by tweeting: “Who wants to tell him?” And she signed with #IDIC, an acronym for Vulcan’s philosophy of “Infinite Diversity in Infinite Composition,” which was first introduced in Star Trek: The Original Series Episode “Isn’t there really beauty?”

Among the examples of “wake up politics” listed in the article included a cameo from Star Trek Fan and Georgia Governor Stacy Abrams nominee in the third season finale Star Trek: Discovery As president of United Earth. Another example was an episode of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Revealing that the January 6 attack on the US Capitol led to a civil war in the United States.

In addition to Takei, writer Robert Hewitt Wolff offered a similar critique of Fox News’ understanding a trip Policy. Wolf, who wrote more than thirty episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Ninetweeted, “Actual #StarTrek writer: ‘You moron’. You can quote me on that.”

Created in 1966 by Gene Roddenberry, Star Trek Follow the adventures and diplomatic missions of the crew of the USS Enterprise who represented a futuristic land where humanity eradicated global conflict, hunger, fanaticism and xenophobia. The show’s original cast pioneered its versatility during the 1960s, including Taki as Japanese American Hikaru Solo, Soviet character Pavel Chekhov (Walter Koenig), mixed-race alien Spock (Leonard Nimoy) and Lieutenant Nyota Oora, a black woman in a position of power (Nichelle). Nichols). Star Trek He also tackled the hot political topics of the 1960s using science fiction codes, such as the Vietnam War (“Private Little War”), racism (“Let This Be Your Last Battlefield”) and nuclear Armageddon (“The Doomsday Machine”).

althoug Star Trek It was canceled after three seasons, and its success led to the release of several films and spin-offs such as Star Trek: The Next Generation, Nine deep space And Voyager. Each show publicly addressed social and political issues through similar allegories, beginning with LGBTQ+ rights (next generation“Untouchable” (for housing crises)Nine deep space“past tense”). Franchise rebooted with JJ Abrams for 2009 Star Trek Film and its sequels. However, the original schedule—dubbed the Prime timeline, compared to Kelvin’s reboot schedule—carried through shows like Piccardwhich recently concluded its second season.

Stream Star Trek The series includes live action DiscoveryAnd Piccard And Strange new worldsas well as animation programs such as Star Trek: Lower Decks And Star Trek: Miracle. Paramount Pictures also confirmed in February that a fourth Kelvin timeline Star Trek The movie was in development.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Available to watch on Paramount +

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