Ghost in the Shell: English subtitled clip from Season 2 of the SAC_2045 anime shows Takashi in combat – News


start of season Netflix All over the world on Monday

Netflix An English-language subtitled clip began streaming for the second season of ghost in shell: SAC_2045 Anime on Wednesday. The video highlights the post-human Takashi in a hand-to-hand combat scene.

The second season will be shown worldwide on Netflix on Monday.

Kenji Kamyama And Shinji Aramaki They direct the project back in IG production And Sola Digital Arts. Russian painter Ilya Kovshinov (wonders) is back as the character designer. Nobuko Toda (sweetness and lightningAnd Case files of jeweler Richard) And Kazuma Jinnouchi Boso Shinki: Angel of the Moon) They compose music. Toda is famous for composing music hard lime metal The series along with Harry Gregson Williams, Toda and Gnoshi collaborated on Ultraman Japanese comics. The pair also composed the soundtrack for Halo 4 And Halo 5 games.

Masamune Shiro Attributed again to the original creator of ghost in bowl Mangoand the returning scriptwriters are Kamiyama (East EdenAnd Ghost in Shell: Independent Compound), Ryo Higaki (eccentric familyAnd Moribito – Guardian of the Soul), Kurasumi Sunayama (Yowamushi pedalAnd lagann gurren), Harumi Doki (Ultraman, Call of Justice Cyborg 009), Dai Sato (Ghost in Shell: Independent ComplexAnd Samurai ChamplooAnd Eureka Seven), And Daisuke Daito.

Daiki Tsuneta‘s Millennium Parade The project performs both the opening song “Secret Party” and the closing song “No Time to Throw”. Creative Tsuneta Label Perimtron also produces the opening sequence, and Millennium Parade Members of Shu Sasaki and Yohei Kanbe They direct the opening sequence. flying dog produces music, and Sony Music Labels Collaborates on theme songs.

Returning cast members include:

The first season for the first time in Netflix Globally in April 2020 with 12 episodes. Produced by IG USA president Maki Terashima Furuta He previously stated during an interview that the anime will have two seasons of 12 episodes, with Kenji Kamyama (Ghost in Shell: Independent Compound) output one of the seasons, and Shinji Aramaki (apple seeds) direct the other. Kōkaku Kidōtai SAC_2045 Jizoku Kanō Sensō (Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 – Sustainable Warfare), the first season synthesizer, opened in Japan in November 2021 for a two-week limited run in 20 homes. Netflix The film began streaming on May 9.

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