Giulietta Suzuki Meitantei Kо̄ko wa Yūutsu Manga Expires In June – News


The manga about a young detective was released in September 2020

This year’s twelfth issue of Hakusensha‘s From here to my day Friday magazine revealed that Giulietta Suzuki‘s Meitantei Kо̄ko wa Yūutsu (Detective Kо̄ko is sad) The manga will end in the magazine’s next issue on June 3.

The manga is set in the height of the Showa era, and centers on a young girl named Coco who is training to become a detective. She is hired by a prominent family to find out who sent a death threat to the family’s son, Inugami, who currently resides in a dormitory in Tokyo. To that end, she moves into the dormitory to start the investigation, but she’s bad at cooking and even worse at figuring out where to start with the case.

suzuki published One-shot manga in From here to my day January 2020, before being serialized in the magazine in September 2020. Hakusensha The fourth volume of the combined manga book was published on February 18.

Suzuki launched kamisama kiss manga in From here to my day In 2008, the series ended in May 2016 with 25 volumes. Viz Media He published the manga in English.

kamisama kiss It inspired two seasons of the anime. Funimation Both seasons aired while they were airing in Japan, and also released both seasons on home video. The manga also inspired a four-disc original animation (OAD) DVD series that shipped with manga bundled volumes 22-25. “Volume 25.5,” the official fan book, shipped December 2016. The fan book included a DVD with original anime and manga A 32-page epilogue.

sources: From here to my day number 12

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