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GKIDS On Thursday, it announced that it had acquired the North American rights to Atsuko Ishizuka And psychiatric hospital‘s Farewell, Don Glees! An original anime film, the film will be shown in Japanese with English and English subtitles dub this year.

The film opened on February 18. The film is shown at this year’s Annecy International Animation Film Festival, which will run from June 13-18 in France.

The story revolves around two boys named Roma and Toto. The boys meet when Roma moves from Tokyo to the countryside, something he can’t get used to. But when they meet Toto, they become a duo, calling themselves Don Glees. In the end, Toto was supposed to move to Tokyo for school, but in the summer of their freshman year of high school, they meet Drop, a new addition to Don Glees, who invites them to “watch the world from above.” When he follows Rōma and Toto Drop, they become embroiled in a forest fire that they blame, and they set off in search of a missing drone that has proof of their innocence. A small incident becomes an important and life-changing journey that culminates in Iceland.

Ayano Okamoto He was the artistic director of the film, while Iko Tsunado And Akihiro Hirasawa He was credited with preparing the art. saho yemeni Collaborated in the production of a painting. Haru Ono The artist was the key to color. Yuki Kawashita He was installation director of photography. Shigenori Hirozumi And Kana Imagaki They were three-dimensional managers. Kachiko Kimura was the editor. Yoshiaki Fujisawa (No game, no zero lifeAnd A place beyond the universeAnd Revo Starlight) composing music. Jin Akitagawa Was the sound director, while Tsutomu Ueno Dealing with sound effects.

Ishizuka (A place beyond the universeAnd No game, no zero lifeAnd Sakurasu’s Pet Girl) directed the anime and wrote the script, and Takahiro Yoshimatsu (A place beyond the universeAnd Hunter x HunterAnd Trigon) Design the characters. Kadokawa You distribute the movie.

This movie is Ishizuka’s first original anime movie. Ishizuka commented that the film is set in Iceland, saying “after arriving in Antarctica” in her previous anime. A place beyond the universeI opened a map and looked for the opposite end of Antarctica.

The work of Ishizuka and Yoshimatsu A place beyond the universea 2018 TV anime about four girls who seize an opportunity to join an expedition in the Antarctic for their own complicated causes. Crunchy Roll Stream the series as it aired.

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