Goku wears Saiyan Armor in the new art of Manga


A new preview for the next chapter of Dragon Ball Super discusses Bardock’s controversial desire and shows Goku wearing a set of Saiyan armor.

Dragon Ball Super A preview has been released for the next chapter in the manga.


New preview panels revealed on official Dragon Ball website He reviewed a number of different scenes from the next sequel manga. Pictures show that the new chapter will continue the extended flashback from Chapter 83, as pictures show Bardock with his wife Jane. The story is also supposed to jump back into current events, as Goku is seen wearing a set of Saiyan martial armor that resembles the gear once worn by his father.

The most notable scene in the preview panels shows Goku and Vegeta discussing what it means to be a Saiyan and their thoughts on Bardock’s controversial desire for Dragon Balls from the previous chapter of the manga. In chapter 83 of the series, Bardock turns down an opportunity to save his life using the Dragon Balls, and instead wishes his sons, Goku and Raditz, would end up prospering. Desire has become a huge sticking point within Dragon Ball Fans, as some fans now believe that Desire is the source of Goku’s immense strength, while others have chosen the official translation or interpreted Desire as merely a desire for the happiness of his sons. In the new preview panels, Vegeta states that he believes desire is the reason both Goku and Raditz were able to avoid Frieza’s annihilation for the rest of the Saiyan race.

Earlier this year, a representative for the series stated that the current Granolah the Survivor saga would be ending soon, but the story still had some twists and turns before it ended. The arc debuted in 2020 and introduced several new characters to the series, including namesake Granolah, the sole survivor of a race that was supposed to be near extinction by the Saiyans decades ago.

The new chapter of the manga will be released on May 20 in Japan. Production started Dragon Ball Super It is supervised by series creator Akira Toriyama and showcases the art of Toyotarou, Toriyama’s chosen successor.

In addition to the new manga chapter, Dragon Ball Fans can also look forward to the upcoming premiere of the series’ latest movie, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. The CG-animated movie will premiere in Japan on June 11, with an international release from Crunchyroll slated to follow sometime this summer.

source: Dragon Ball Official Website

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