Golgo 13 manga gets its second Spinoff movie in July – News


A new minor item teases a “known” girl as the main leader

June issue of shogakukan‘s great comic Zukan Tuesday’s magazine revealed that Takao SaitoFor a long time Golgo 13 The manga will get a new spin-off manga. The magazine did not reveal the title, only showing the silhouette of the main character. However, the magazine provoked that the character is a famous and well-known girl among manga lovers, and also that she is beautiful, intelligent and very athletic, and she may have the “genes” of Duk Tojo. The new issue will premiere in the August issue of the magazine on July 15.

Saito passed away on September 24 last year. Golgo 13 Still the oldest manga still in publication. shogakukan He said that before his death, Saito said he wanted the manga to continue without him, and Saito production The group of artists will continue to work with the help of the editorial department of shogakukan‘s great comic Journal and additional screenwriting staff.

launch Saito Golgo 13 at shogakukan‘s great comic magazine in 1968. The manga broke the Guinness World Record for “most published volumes of a single manga series” on July 5 last year when volume 201 of the collected books was shipped in Japan. Volume 203 of the manga shipped on December 6.

gunsmith devfor the first time Golgo 13 The manga pop-up was launched in great comic Zukan In July 2021. The manga’s “Season 1” concluded on Tuesday. Saito and Saito production He is credited with creating the manga.

source: great comic Zukan website

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